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The Author

Thirty-ish, still single and loving it. Born and raised in the Philippines, but for some strange reason, always being mistaken as a Chinese everywhere she goes. She is working for one of the largest hotel company in the world which makes her a busy bee on weekdays. She is a woman who loves simple things in life. She loves dogs. She always have a soft spot for animals.

meet her dog Yesha :)

She loves listening to Taylor Swift, even though other people were bashing her for writing songs about her exes. She likes weird movies, the weirder the better. She said, it stimulates her mind. She loves reading. She honed that skill at a very early age. She was “Best in Reading” when she was in Kindergarten. ;)

she brings her Nook everywhere, even at the beach! :)

She was never a blogger to start with. She just travel for the love of travel. She’d already been traveling for 4 years before she decided to join the blogging wagon. Her first solo journey inspired her to do so. Writing is something she always loved. She always brings a notebook or a journal with her every time she travels. She just don’t publish her thoughts online before.

She as a Traveler

She loves nature. She feels more at peace when surrounded by it. She prefers a quiet jungle than a noisy city. She loves isolated islands more than crowded beach resorts.

just breathing in Anawangin

She is adventurous. She likes adrenaline-pumping activities even though she's not that fit.

white water rafting in CDO

She likes ancient temples and heritage sites. She wants to see their magnificence before they completely vanish.

in Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

She loves blending in and interacting with the local people, so she can see the world through their eyes.

with her first Vietnamese friend in Ho Chi Minh City :)

She now dubs herself as a lazy traveler. She no longer goes to as many places as she normally would. She sometimes even just sleep the day away. She now likes spending several days in each destination to get a feel of the place and to commune with the locals. It opened her eyes more to a lot of things.

just living the moment in Siquijor

It’s now okay for her to miss the major tourist attractions as long as she enjoys her time. She's loving it that way now...


  1. Hi Lizzie! IDK how I stumbled upon your blog, er, most probably on Facebook hehehe. Glad you joined the bandwagon of blogging. Adventures like yours deserve to be shared yes? Take care on your travels okay? Don't stop writing...and wandering x

    1. Hello there! I appreciate your kind words. I'm glad being able to help other people through this blog. That's my hope too, to continue writing no matter how busy I become. About the wandering part, there's no stopping me on that haha. Thank you so much! ♥

  2. hi miss lizzie.....nice one.. congrats.. God bless :-)

    1. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it. God bless you too. =)

  3. your blog looks amazing from the last time I visited. you looking forward to Japan soon? :)

    1. Yay! Thank you! Yes, I finally had the time and patience to work on a new blog template and get serious with XML coding hehe, so there it is. Hai! I just don't have a definite date yet. Are you from Japan? Any recommendations? :D

  4. Hello I'm about to embark on a solo travel (girl, mid 20s) in Thailand & Myanmar this June 2015...any tips? To be honest I'm really scared and excited at the same time.

    1. Hi there! Congrats on taking the courage to travel alone! You go girl! ;)

      Here are my tips for you: Drop your fears. The more positive you are, the more positive things will happen to you. Be smart, quick-witted and confident so strangers won't see you as weak or a possible scam target. Befriend locals or other travelers. Some of my memorable solo travel experiences happened when I connected with other people on the road.

      I can give you so many tips other than those. In my opinon, Thailand and Myanmar are both safe places for solo female travelers. Just email me if you want more or if you have specific questions. :)