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Monday, July 30, 2012

Cagbalete Island Travel Guide

3D2N Cagbalete Sample Itinerary

where did the tide go?

This is based on my own trip itinerary (IT). From Manila, ride a bus going to Lucena City. There are buses bound to Lucena in both Pasay and Quezon City (Cubao and Kamias) Bus Stations . Some famous Lucena bound buses are JAC Liner and Lucena Lines.

Day 1

300am – ETD Manila

600am – ETA Lucena Grand Terminal

           – Eat Breakfast

700am – ETD Lucena

830am – ETA Mauban

           – Shop for food and other goods in public market

           – Just walk to Pantalan (Port) from the market

930am – Board passenger boat

1000am – ETD Mauban Port

1045am – ETA Cagbalete Island/Sabang Port

             – Start trekking to the resort  (trekking time depends on your chosen resort)

1130am – Check In

             – Set up camp and prepare lunch

1215nn – Lunch time!

100pm – Rest - Siesta - Swim - Photo Ops – Beach Bum

500pm – Sunset

600pm – Prepare Dinner

700pm – Dinner - Stargazing

1000pm – Lights out

Day 2

600am – Prepare Breakfast

700am – Breakfast

800am – Explore - Photo Ops

1100am – Prepare Lunch

1200nn – Lunchtime!

100pm – Rest - Siesta - Swim - Photo Ops – Beach Bum

500pm – Sunset

600pm – Prepare Dinner

700pm – Dinner - Stargazing

900pm – Lights out

Day 3

530am – Break camp and pack up things

630am – Trek back to the port

700am – Board the boat

730am – ETD Cagbalete

845am – ETA Mauban Port

           – Go to Bus Terminal

900am – ETD Mauban

1030am – ETA Lucena Grand Terminal

             – Lunch and Buy Pasalubong

1200nn – Board Bus to Manila

1200nn  – ETD Lucena

300pm – ETA Manila

Other info you need to know for Cagbalete trip planning:

- Buses to Lucena leaves hourly. Aircon bus fare is PHP 215.00.
- Jac Liner Kamias has buses that goes from Manila directly to Mauban. There are just two trips though, 5:00 AM and 1:00 PM respectively.
- Buses from Lucena to Mauban are just ordinary. They also leave every hour. Fare is PHP 60.00.
- Schedules of passenger boat going to Cagbalete daily are 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM ONLY.
- Passenger boat fare is PHP 40.00.
- If you are a large group or if you did not make it to the public boat, renting a private one is an option. But it is pricey. Large boat (good for 20 pax) is ranging from PHP 4500-5000 round trip. I don't have info about smaller ones.
- Mauban market has everything. You may buy your food and goods their for cheap prices.
- Passenger boat from Cagbalete to Mauban schedules are 7:00 AM and 1:00 PM ONLY. Same fare.
- If you don't want to look around Mauban town for pasalubong, you may just do your shopping in Lucena Grand Terminal like we did.
- PHP 1500.00 per pax is enough for a 3D2N getaway here. It already covers everything. :)

Happy planning! ☺

This is Part 3 of my Cagbalete travel series.

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