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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Where to Eat in Puerto Princesa: KaLui

It was my last night in Puerto Princesa and my beau has arrived, so we decided to go fine dining. It also happened to be a special day for us. Being there several times already, he knew the best places to eat. He chose KaLui for our dinner that night. He made a reservation for us a week before our trip. According to him, this place is always full. Reservations only, walk-in customers are not being accepted.

sounds Hawaiian to me... ;)

We went there on time. When we arrived, there are a lot of people on queue. He was right then. This is quite prominent. It is similar to those places we went to in SEA (South East Asia) last year. Foot wears should be taken off upon entering. While waiting, I observed the restaurant's interior.

very cozy

It has a very nice cushy environment. The decorations, the furniture and the set-up was a fusion of Pinoy and Asian. The lighting adds to the romantic ambience. Every corner of the place is photo-worthy. No wonder the queues are always long. I've noticed that a lot of people (especially tourists) were taking so many photos before they leave.

while waiting for our food :)

We chose to dine Japanese style. You know, sitting on a mat and food being served on a low table. You have an option to do it this way or the regular dining with the chair.

They do serve Filipino food. We ordered their set for the day which is consisted of seafood and veggie viands which I both liked. Here they go...

tanigue in lemon butter sauce

crispy talong

butter garlic shrimp

that crunchy fresh seaweeds (arocep)

Actually, there was nothing spectacular about the food. They were the usual Filipino dishes that our moms can cook (well, except the seaweeds - we don't have it in the city hehe), they didn't taste any different. The presentation (plating) just made it more appetizing. :)

now we can eat!

When we finished our meal, the waiter served the free dessert. I don't know how they call it but it's a mixture of fresh fruits and some brown sugar in an empty coconut shell. To my surprise, an unusual dessert came after that one!

naughty T haha! :)

That was how they call it. I was a bit flushed (I guess) when the waiter served it to us. It was the first time I saw a food in that form. Hahaha! It was crazy. I felt paranoid that people were looking at me while I'm eating it. Eeeek. But hey, it is food! ;) By the way, this is not in their menu and may not be available all the time. According to them, there's just one person who prepares this. You have to ask for it discreetly because not everyone knew about it haha. That's understandable.

When our dinner was over, we went around to check the entire place. I loved it even more! It's so artsy. There's a mini art gallery with cute paintings. The theme of the artworks were also very Filipino.


Even their restrooms looks amazing! It is very spacious, smells good, clean and it also has some paintings hanging in the wall. Its interior doesn't look like a comfort room at all.

I really liked my dining experience in KaLui. The ambience was perfect, the food was good and the service was great. I will definitely dine here again if I'm going to revisit Puerto Princesa  in the future.

puerto princesa at night

We decided to take a walk at the bay side when dinner was over. We borrowed Kuya Roy's motorbike for the night, so going to places had been easy for us. After catching some sea breeze, we went home to rest and to pack for our El Nido transit the following day. It had been an awesome night.

Restaurant Information:

KaLui Restaurant
(Opens Daily Save Sundays. Lunch 11-2pm; Dinner 6:00-10:30pm)
Address: 369 Rizal Avenue Puerto Princesa City Palawan
Reservation is a must!
Contact Nos: (048) 433 2580 or +63 928 753 9621
You may also ask your hotel front desk to call them for reservation.

Restaurant Rating: ♥♥♥♥

This is Part 4 of my Puerto Princesa travel series. 

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