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Friday, August 10, 2012

A "Holiday" in BKK

Every time I go out of the country, I see to it that I stay in at least one of our properties. We are given 7 nights per hotel per year to use our employee rate at any destination we like. It is roughly seventy percent discount off the rack rate which is already huge. :)

However, I do not stay in a hotel for long. Not only because of the budget, but it really doesn't suit my travel style. I more like rough backpacking than fancy glampacking. It is also not practical to be spending so much on a hotel when you'll be out most of the time to explore. Maybe my purpose of trying out our properties are, to see if the same standards are being met, to observe how the cultural differences is being manifested to the interiors and to meet my colleagues from different countries. :)

We had 4 properties in Bangkok alone (now they're 5 already and will soon become 6). I chose the Holiday Inn Bangkok which is just beside InterContinental Bangkok (also one of our hotels) due to its superb accessibility. It's just a spit away from the BTS Chitlom station.

IC shot from the BTS Station

I arrived very early at the hotel. The doorman and the front desk officers greeted me courteously. I was so early that there are no other people in the reception yet which is an uncommon sight in a hotel hehe. Even the establishments outside were all still closed.

empty hotel lobby

I liked the very zen feel and scent of the hotel lobby. It is very spacious and it looks fresh. Free wifi is also available in that area. I lounge around there whenever I need to go online and check my emails.

my gloriously comfy bed :)

The rooms are pretty small. It is the smallest Holiday Inn room I've ever been. It is cramped. But why would a solo traveler need a big space? Hehe. It is perfectly fine for solo and couple travelers. Maybe not for families.

cramped up space

The work desk almost overlapped the TV stand. That's how limited the room space is.

my travel buddies as always :)

Even the toilet and bath are miniscule. There is no bathtub! But I didn't mind, the shower head was awesome hehe. It was also very Thai.

the  tiny toilet

Of course, there's always that complete set of toiletries. Love it that it's all organic.

forgot to bring some?

Oh, the shower room was so bare by the way and of course also small.

care for a shower?

I'm not very much complaining about the limited space but it could have been better if it is bigger hehe. All that matters to me is the comfortability. A place where I can have total relaxation after a tiring trip.

relax, it's Holiday Inn :)

I always loved the beddings of our hotels. I always wanted to slumber longer, but I'm always on a  holiday so I needed to be out most of the time. It feels good to be rejuvenated after a long day in a very relaxing bed. If I can do one whole day of just sleeping in our hotel, I definitely would. Maybe I should try a pure "staycation" next time. :)

gotta get going :)

The property itself is downright. My only thing is the small room space hehe. But I think if you'll get a suite, it is definitely bigger. The entire hotel and the room is immaculately clean and smelled good. From the lobby all the way to the room, the scent is very nice. The staff are amazing (which is very significant for me) and the service, outstanding. The fantastic location is another thing. It is very convenient, right smack in the middle of the city and the shopping area. It is very accessible too. You can go to any part of the city by riding the BTS train just outside. I never get the chance to try the restaurants though because I was always out.

Overall, it was a very pleasant stay. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a terrific place to stay in Central Bangkok.

Accommodation Information:

Holiday Inn Bangkok
Address: 971 Ploenchit Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Reservations Line: 1800-1651-8888; Front Desk: +66-2-6560444
Room Rates vary. Please check the website for that info.

Accommodation Rating: ♥♥♥♥


  1. ah... lovely to have a "staycation"! the bed looks really yummy to sleep in all day. :)