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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thai Food Trip and Khao San By Night

Many people say one of the things you'll love when go to Thailand is their food. Heck, they're right! Beau and I are certified foodies. Everywhere we go, we want to try authentic local dishes. One of my self-imposed travel rules is not to eat something we also have or we can also find in Manila when traveling locally or in the Philippines when traveling internationally. We try to stay away from the fast food chains and fancy restaurants to get a feel of the locals having a meal on an ordinary day.

an eatery near the train station

On our second day in Thailand, we came across this small eatery near the Hua Lamphong train station in Bangkok. The name was written in Thai so we don't know what it was hehe. The food display outside looks intriguing and I was famished since I only ate a Spinach Pie from McDonald's the night before.

looks interesting

Beau first talked to the lady who was doing the chopping outside and asked her what do they have. When we figured that they are already serving full meals in the morning, we decided to eat. She said they are actually open 24 hours to serve passengers coming in and out of the train station. Great! We can also eat here the next day before we board the train to the Cambodian border.

We were handed the menu and chose what we thought we would like based on its ingredients hehe. I suck at remembering food names and I think I already lost the notes I took during the trip (or it was prolly buried somewhere in my travel treasure chest). So in the photo captions, I just described what the dishes were like and hope it will suffice.

sweet pig trotter

This was what I had for brunch. It tasted like our Pata Tim. A mixture of sweet and spicy. The only difference was, it has morning glory as a side dish and it was spicy. Thai food are known to be spicy. :)

sweet and sour pork with sausage

This was what he ordered. It was cooked sweet and sour Chinese style just more spicy. But this was also yummy! :)

and pad thai, of course! :)

Anyone who goes to Thailand SHOULD try their famous pad thai! You are a sore loser if you don't haha. Just kidding. But really, you should! So delish! :)

Thai condiments :)

I just had to take a photo of this. We are just used to seeing fish sauce, soy sauce, hot sauce and pepper in a regular Filipino dining table. I noticed that every eating place we go, these are their basic condiments. It has dried chili, sugar, diced lime and peanut oil. Then there were separate containers for the fish sauce and the vinegar with chili. Therefore, harmonizing the flavors is what Thai food is all about. :)

The next time we ate was after visiting The Grand Palace. We saw a line of food hawkers outside and we checked the prices before choosing where to eat. Prices are relatively higher compared to those that are not located in a tourist spot. But we were hungry and the grilled food looked so good, so yes we gave in. :)

street food outside the Grand Palace

We tried three types of the grilled eats. You guessed it right, I don't remember what they were. Geez. That's why I initially thought blogging does not suit me. ;)

yum! but a little costly

As we walk towards the direction of The Giant Swing, we smelled something appetizing. In front of a 7 Eleven store was a couple who sells this yummy Thai Mini-Pancakes called Kanoom Krock. I'm so glad I found it's name with the help of Google hehe.

with the kanoom krock vendors :)

We were happy they let us took a photo with them. This mini-cakes were so good! I'm salivating while writing this because I remember just how it tastes hehe.

kanoom krock

It is made of two halves of sweet sticky rice with spring onions and some salt as the filling. Incredibly yummy!

After the walking tour, we decided to go Khao San Road that night where all the action happens. We were supposedly meeting some guys from CS at a bar somewhere but unfortunate we got lost! Damn haha! The bar is located at Soi Rambuttri (side street off a major street) and we kept looking at Thanon Rambuttri (main street). We never thought there's such a thing, my goodness! So we were talking about two completely different streets that's why we never found each other. Tired and frustrated of not finding our mates, we just gave up and eat at the first diner we saw at the street.

dinner somewhere near KS

It's like the regular "turo-turo" in the street where tables and chairs are just set up in the roadside. I chose the chicken curry and beau chose something like braised pork innards. Completing our meal was the stir-fried morning glory side dish and the soup with radish and cilantro. Again, all about the fusion of flavors. :)

soi rambuttri KSR

Beau was on a quest of tasting the local beers of the countries we're visiting. We passed by this quaint restaurant with a few tourists having drinks while watching football. There we tried the Chang Beer hehe.

Chang Beer :)

The drinks here are cheap. It was a nice place to hang out in. A little quiet than the main vein KSR. More of a chill vibe here.

having a drink

We were not on a drinking spree so we left after a couple of beers. We walked down to the end of the street and voila! We found Bar Lamphu where our mates were. I checked the street sign confirming it was Soi Rambuttri! Yaiiks. Too bad they're no longer there. The bar was so packed. It is a cool place, with a live band you can sing along with. There was this foreign girl nailing Adele's Rolling in the Deep when we passed by. :)

We went back to Khao San to see more of it as the night unfolds. There were more street shops, food hawkers and the bars were already full when we got back.

grilled longganisa with rice :)

Beau found this treat on the other end of KS. He said it was so filling and flavorful. We continued walking, checking out the things they are selling. There are exotic food (insects etc.), clothes, accessories, flag badges, souvenirs, fake ids, used books, pirated CDs and DVDs and a lot of backpacker stuff.

the very busy KSR at night

We bumped-in to another Filipino while checking out souvenir shirts. Seems like this is really a traveler's hot spot hehe. We did not buy anything from there. When there's something we like, it ends up with no sizes for us. It's either smaller or larger. So we just continued our food trip.

Somewhere in the middle was a couple selling roti. We were piqued because there were so many people queuing up. We got interested and bought ourselves one. We tried the Banana Roti and yes, it was luscious! If I wasn't full from the dinner I would have more!

banana roti :)

We kept walking back and forth to really see what's going on in this famous backpacker road at night. So there was this guy performing crazy tricks and asking for donations for him to be able to go to school (see the photo below).

crazy Khao San

It was the end of October then so it was the Halloween season. Every bars had like a Halloween costume party going on. The tourists gets wilder and wilder as they get alcohol intoxicated. I was so shocked when while walking a very drunk Caucasian guy hugged me! He was half naked with some red stuff on his tummy. Maybe he was "dressing up" like a stabbed man or something and was giving free hugs haha. Good thing he let go immediately. Weird.

We just walked away very fast and found our next food trip. At the other end of the road, we found a man selling these skewered pork

pok yu = pork cue (pork barbecue)

OMG, it was heavenly. It is a pork barbecue with melted cheese! Not just that, his marinade was sooo good.

it was addictive i'm telling you :)

I can't remember anymore how many sticks did I finish. All I knew was it was so yummy I kept getting one as I finish one.

see i had taken pokyu to go? :)

The only way to stop eating it was to walk away haha. If you'll stay there, I bet you'll keep getting more and more.

We walked around once more but there was really nothing we can buy. So around 1AM, we decided to just rest and retire for the day. We still have to pack our stuff for the next day's departure.

Thai Food is really exquisite. What I miss the most about Thailand really is their yummy food! Just thinking about it makes me want to go back there. :)

Khao San Road for me, is also must-try. Some tourists discourage others to go here because they say it is a trap, it is sick and ugly. But as a real traveler, I don't think you just want to see all the good in the places you visit, right? In my case, I want to experience everything and drink it all in. And c'mon, Khao San is dirt cheap. It's a backpackers' haven. Where's the adventure if you'll just stick to what's good? :)

This is Part 3 of my Bangkok travel series.

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