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Monday, October 29, 2012

Where to Stay in Samal Island: Fernandez Beach and Garden Resort

We were originally booked in Mahan Garden Resort (which was a huge mistake!). We were so disappointed and turned off that we decided to just give up our deposit payment and look around. Yeah, it was that worse! So, I'm warning you now - think twice before booking that resort.

We tried to look for other options in the next town. They say the beaches there are much better than those near the port. We checked a few but came back to this particular one. It was the "best" option we had at the moment.

our deluxe cottage

On the first ocular inspection we did, I was already okay with the place. The resort is nice and not too crowded which I liked. But my companions find the rate a little steep. PHP 1500 per night for an A/C room for 2. We looked for a cheaper alternative but failed. The others are just cheap. Rooms and resort ugly. So we went back to Fernandez'.

other cottages

The only thing we didn't like about the resort was the surly security officer. We already had a problem with him the first time we went in to inquire. On the second time when we were already checking-in, there he goes again making our resort experience unpleasant. All of us were already hot-headed before we were allowed entry. Gosh.

our bed

We asked for a cheaper room but it did not suit to our liking, it is very basic and located at the back corners. We settled with the much better but more expensive one. The bedding was downright. The room and toilet very tidy and has a working A/C. Nothing more we can ask for.

a little sitting area

We did not utilize it for sitting, we just put our bags and other stuff there.


The room also has a television set. We only watch news on the TV. Who needs to watch TV all day on vacation?

toilet and bath

As long as the bathroom is clean, I'm good. It also has hot shower.

swimming pool

The pool entrance is free for those who are staying at the resort. For those on day tour, they are required to pay. It is clean and well-maintained. We also enjoyed swimming here, no annoying crowd hehe.

the beach

We we weren't able to swim at the beach. It always happens that when we go there, it was low tide. It's not fun treading in shallow waters. We just hung out a bit and took photos.

We had a nice stay here but not really worth it if you're not staying at the resort the entire day like we did. We weren't able to utilize the all the amenities to the fullest. The restaurant prices were also a rip off. A bottle of beer for PHP 120? Oh c'mon. We agreed to just stay here for a night. It's too much money to waste already.

I would recommend this resort more to families, barkadas or other large group of people. The rates are better if shared by more people. It's just not practical for a solo or a couple traveler to stay here. Don't get discouraged though. The resort is nice, really.

Accomodation Information:

Fernandez Beach and Garden Resort
Address: Penaplata, Babak District, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao
Contact Nos: 0932-724-3091
Room Rates: PHP 1500 for Double Deluxe; PHP 500-700 for Budget Rooms; PHP 3500-5000  for Family/Dorm Rooms.

Accomodation Rating: ♥♥♥

This is Part 2 of my Davao travel series.

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