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Friday, January 18, 2013

Boracay: One of the World's Best Beaches

Boracay Island. Home of the best beach in the Philippines. It is always being hailed as one of the best in the world by various travel agencies and publications. Just last year, it was commended as the Best Island in the World by the international magazine Travel + Leisure. It is that stunning.

I've been to many places all over the country but I've only seen her internationally acclaimed beauty on June of 2011. I always thought of Boracay as a beach party kind of place, a very crowded one at that. It contradicts my purpose of traveling, which is to relax and find peace and serenity away from the chaotic city. That was the reason why it took me so long to consider Boracay as a destination.

Beau had to convince me to try experience it. He'd been there twice already and he has lots of nice things to say about it. So when Seair offered a very tempting promo, I gave in. We booked the tickets 6 months ahead. Yes, super low fares to Boracay means traveling on the rainy/typhoon months. Traveling always requires taking risks. I've been used to it already that I now book tickets on whatever season, whether or not my Big Boss from Atlanta will be in town (meaning: no leaves will be allowed).

Boracay Day 1

It was our first time with Seair. I loved it that they fly directly to Caticlan. There was no need for the 2-hour land travel from Kalibo. But that was back then, at present, they no longer operate in Boracay Airport too. A couple of days before our trip, I received an email that our flight will be rescheduled at a later time that day. I did not believe it, they were probably just bumping us off the morning flight and just transfer us to the next because we had promo fares. I called them and negotiated with them that we're going to take it but - they have to resched our return flight a day later than the original date, free of charge. I was happy that they willingly obliged to my request. So our 3D2N getaway became 4D3N. Happy ending. :)

our 1st Seair ride :)

It was our second time riding a turbo-prop plane, first one was to Coron. But I guess this one was smaller. They even had to weigh us (the passengers) too. A typhoon had just left the Philippines that day. We were actually relieved that it went away just in time. We were very satisfied and happy with Seair's services. They had a free shuttle from the airport to the jetty port. We just paid for the Terminal (PHP 25) and Environmental Fees (PHP 50). We also left our tripod in the shuttle and it was returned to us in a few minutes. They were outstanding.

We don't have that much time anymore to enjoy the beach when we arrived. It was already 5:00 PM when we get settled in our guesthouse. I hadn't seen its beauty just yet because it was Day 1 post typhoon. We just walked at the beach and checked-out the shops. It wasn't fun though because some parts were flooded. I thought flood is only imminent in Manila. When the night falls, we visited Kuya Marty in Hobbit House where he works. He is my Beau's sister's godfather. He promised us a good time in Boracay.

pulutan galore
The next thing I know we were so drunk on tequila. I think we finished 4 or 5 bottles! I was knocked out. We woke up at 3:00 AM and successfully got home. I even wonder how haha. So first day in Boracay, basag! :)

Boracay Day 2

We woke up the next day at around 11:00 AM. After that tequila drink fest, I was glad we still managed to wake up kinda early that day. We were just in time for lunch, so we had it first in the D'Mall area. I ordered sinigang because I want a hot soup to make me feel better, still feeling a little bit dizzy hehe.

There was no more wasting time after that, we headed to the beach! It was my first time to appreciate its splendor sans the typhoon effect.

a piece of paradise :)

Wow! It was beautiful. Even though the typhoon has left the sea a little rough, it was perfection. Oh, that's what's nice in traveling during off-season. It wasn't crowded at all. I still found the tranquility I was looking for. On our first day there, at least. 

posing  with the paraws  :)

I excitedly went to the water and had fun swimming there for the first time. It was my favorite beach before I fell in love with Calaguas.

lazy Boracay afternoon

When exhausted in the water, we decided to just lay around the shores. It was low tide anyway. It was a breezy overcast afternoon. Perfect for parasailing and paraboarding. 

We just spent the day like that. Swimming, walking at the beach, lying in the sand and playing around. We also waited for the sunset but Mr Sun wasn't there that afternoon. When we felt tired, we tried the famous Jonah's Fruit Shake to refresh ourselves. And that's when I started having a problem! I had the Banana-Avocado shake. OMG, my stomach didn't like it! After a few hours, it started acting up. It suddenly became one of my travel pet peeves, LBM!

We were supposed to have buffet dinner that night and we canceled it because of that. Beau had Banana-Mango shake and he was fine. Lesson learned: Never have a Banana-Avocado shake again, ever. No partying for me that night too. I was walking around Boracay that night with a bottle of Gatorade. Totally not cool.

Boracay Day 3

Our activity for that day was Helmet Diving. I badly wanted to parasail but Beau didn't want to. So we just agreed on this one. We shopped around the other day for several operators and went with the one who accepted our haggled priced. We got it for PHP 250 per pax. We were fetched from our guesthouse which is nearer to Bulabog Beach, where all the water activities happens.

waiting for our turn

I listened carefully to all the instructions. I need to. I don't know how to swim! I'm just a crazy girl who's brave enough to try anything that spells adventure. All I have was courage. We were then submerged one by one. I memorized all the hand signs and mastered the equalization. I admit, I was a little nervous. But the heck, I ain't backing down.

i made it! yay!

The helmet itself was very heavy. The instructor said it weighs 10kg but we'll just feel 2kg underwater. I never felt an ounce of fear. I stayed calm and relaxed while I'm getting deeper and deeper into the seabed until finally I can feel my feet touching the ground.

hello fishes! :)

There wasn't that many fish. There were just a few live corals in the area. I got dizzy after 15 minutes. Maybe it was the heavy helmet and the water pressure. The dizziness gets worse the longer you stay underwater. I enjoyed it though. There weren't so much to see but the mere experience was swell. It was my first time to do that kind of undertaking. Honestly, I don't like our underwater photos. But then it was cheap, what can I say.

back to the beach

We went to the beach afterwards. We swam until we got tired. There was an ongoing wedding that afternoon too, so we watched it from a distance wondering how much did they spent for it hehe. Again, we waited for the sunset. We were fortunate that day, we finally caught the sunset. I think I've already mentioned on a previous post that I'm a sunrise/sunset kinda girl. :)

Boracay Sunset

When the night came, we were back in action. I mean bars and clubbing. As soon as we finished our buffet dinner, we headed to the Hobbit House again, where Kuya Marty and his friends were waiting for us.

the Hobbit bar

The bartender mixed something for us. It was that green cocktail on the photo below. I forgot what it's called. It tastes good but damn it kicks hard. I got a little tipsy after that drink. Next was the Long Island Tea and then there was another one. After the third one, I was vomiting. Yaiiks. Sorry, I'm not a hard drinker.

the night is young

And, it didn't end there. When I got a little sober after throwing up, we went to Epic to party. There, we had a beer drinking spree. After some bottles, we were dancing the night away. I can't believe we went dancing haha. Maybe I was so drunk. We went home 3:00 AM in the morning. Day 3 in Boracay, basag na naman. ;)

Boracay Day 4

It was our last day in Boracay. Good thing we had the very last flight with Seair. Though we partied hard the other night, we still had time to rest and sleep well and enjoy the wondrous beach for the last time.

quiescent morning

We swam for the last time that day. I was feeling a bit melancholic because we will be parting this eden soon. Another short love affair.

i will miss you Boracay

Time had come for us to go. In four days, I found out why Boracay became so famous world wide. Its too impossible not get captivated by its undeniable beauty.

departing Caticlan

Soon enough, we found ourselves again in Boracay Airport, but this time for departure. It's a small little airport that had just reopened that time. Only small planes are allowed here.

see you again Boracay!

I had a wonderful time in Boracay. I know I said I don't want the party aspect of it but I gave in! I was drunk on the two of three nights that we were there. It was so hard to resist. The island would infect you with this vivacious vibe at night. It makes people feel so happy they want to party.

I've been skipping Boracay on my travel list for the longest time. I'm glad I gave myself a chance to finally see its charm. Now I know what local and foreign tourists were raving about. The 5 km of ultra fine white sand and the clear turquoise waters were breathtaking. We can't blame international travel publications for adding it up to their world's top beaches list. It maybe "the" party beach of the Philippines, but it's still not as crowded as its Thai (Phuket) and Indonesian (Bali) contemporaries. It is one of the world's best indeed.

Beach Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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