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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where to Stay in Concepcion, Iloilo: Sand Bar Island

We just stayed overnight in Concepcion at the Sand Bar Island Beach Resort. This is the only accommodation option in the island (which is privately owned). There was a family of caretakers inhabiting it.

our small hut

We availed of their Small Cottage for PHP 800 good for 2 pax but it can actually fit 4-6. Big Cottage would cost PHP 1000 good for 4 pax (but can also fit 6-8). They also have Open Cottages for PHP 300, good for day tourists.

The cottage is very basic, it's just literally an empty room. No fan, no nothing. Just a light bulb you can use at night at a limited time. Generator is only being used until 10:00 PM. You will just be given the beddings upon check-in. When we were there, we don't need a fan because it was so windy. I'm not sure during summer though. Cottage rates were a bit pricey, I know. Maybe you're paying for the privateness of it and you have no other option. 

dining area

Outside the cottage, you can dine under the tree with the lovely view of the sea and nearby islands while inhaling the fresh sea breeze.


You'll also have a conventional toilet and bathroom. There is an attached one to the small and big cottages. On the photo above is the common one. During our stay there in 2011, they don't have sufficient stock of fresh water for visitors. We had to bathe when we went back to town. But I heard recently that they now have a fresh water supply, but of course for a price.

kitchen area

You may also bring and cook your own food. The cooking area was covered when we were there because of the strong monsoon winds that keep the fire from burning. Please note that it's better to cook your fresh food first because there's no electricity here, so there's obviously no fridge. You may also opt to just bring "camping" food such as canned goods so it's spoil-free.

awesome view

The island being in the middle of somewhere gives you a sense of freedom and isolation. I think that's what you pay for here, aside from the gorgeous sand bar.

open cottages

I recommend this place mostly to a large group of travelers (4 or more pax). It can be very expensive for solo and couple travelers. Even the Island Hopping Tour is better done by a group. It is PHP 1000 for 3 islands and 1500 for 5 islands. You will not enjoy its worth if you think it's burning your pocket. But overall, we had a nice stay in the island even for a short time. We might go back too but probably with a bigger company next time.

Accomodation Information:

Sand Bar Island Beach Resort
Address: *Bulubadiangan Island, Concepcion,  Iloilo
Contact No: 09068197516
Room Rates: PHP 800 for Small Cottage; PHP 1000 for Big Cottage
Updated info: Boat rates going to the island is now fixed as of late 2011. PHP 1500-2500, depending on the number of pax.

*Note: They also spell the island name as Bolobadiangan.

Accommodation Rating: ♥♥♥

This is Part 2 of my Iloilo travel series.


  1. Ohh may accommodation pala sa Bulubadiangan. Nadaanan lang kasi namin itong island na ito when we went to Islas de Gigantes.

  2. Hi Kat! Yes, meron po. Try it next time! Kame naman, we went here muna before heading to Gigantes.:)

  3. Sand bar is the best!!!!

    1. I agree. Thanks for stopping by. Have a fun-filled summer! =)

  4. Meron naman po bang cooking utensils doon?

    1. Dun mismo sa tinulugan namin, wala. But I think you can borrow that from the care takers because they also reside in the island. Please note that we stayed there some years ago. Might have changed already. Enjoy Iloilo! :)

  5. 1500 na ba ngaun rate ng big cottages nila? mahal naman dati 800 lng eh

  6. 1500 na ngaun dati 800 lng mahal naman.. mas mahal pa sa aircon na room ng ibang resort.

  7. Thank you guys for giving an update on the room rates! Wow ang laki na pala ng itinaas! Tagal na kase nung punta namin. Salamat po sa update! :)

  8. H! Pwd po bang mag tent??? How much po ag byad kpag may tent kmi na personal na dala... at how much entrance fee?

    1. Hello Russ! Sorry I have no idea kase hindi kami nagtent.