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Friday, January 4, 2013

Where to Stay in Taman Negara: Aki Chalet

We didn't have an advance reservation. We booked our tour the day before and it was just the transportation package. Moon and I agreed to just go with the flow and decide once we got there. We just looked for a place to stay when we arrived in Taman Negara.

We hiked uphill from the LBK Floating Restaurant (our travel agency's local office). We checked out a few but to no luck. It was either, they don't accept walk-in or there was no one around. Seriously, a guest house without a receptionist.

Aki Chalet Office

We walked a little more and saw Aki Chalet. At first, we couldn't see anyone manning the place too. But after a few minutes, a man approached us. He answered our inquiries and showed us the rooms.

A/C Rooms

We inquired for a fan room but he said they were not available, so we checked the A/C rooms instead. The room is very basic only with aircon. Well, what would we expect? It's the deeply forested Taman Negara. :)

clean and green surroundings

The entire neighborhood seems so peaceful and quiet. It is nature everywhere you look. :)

the room

The guestroom has 2 beds which is perfect for us. It is spacious, we had a lot of room for our stuff. It also has an en suite toilet and bath. Most importantly, it is clean. We got it for RM 50 per night.

look! we had a 3rd roomie :)

At night, it was so quiet that you'll just hear the insects and the rain drops. Seemed like it rains there every night and it brings some visitors to your room. We had a little frog as a guest on our first night. :)

the patio

We had a good comfortable stay at this place for 2 nights, the night before and after our jungle trekking adventure. The host is very nice and friendly. He is courteous too. He lent me a power adapter during our stay which I really appreciated. We loved it's location too. Near the river where a lot of restaurants are and also near the road going to the highway where you can catch public transportation.

I don't have the contact info of this chalet though because we just walked-in. Sorry, I don't have the exact address or the contact number. They also don't have a website. When you arrived at the  LBK Floating Restaurant, just hike up and walk towards north. You won't miss it. Still, if you want to know more - try reading their reviews in TripAdvisor.

Accommodation Rating: ♥♥♥


  1. RM 50 seems steep, but then it's AC. Any idea how much their fan rooms are? =)

    Btw, I'm looking for your post on the rainforest. =)Cheers!

  2. Not so bad, especially if you have someone to split the cost with hehe. If I recall it correctly, RM30.

    Thanks for dropping by, Claire! :)