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Friday, February 15, 2013

Roughing it Out in Gigantes: Cave Spelunking

Iloilo Day 3 (continued)

We only had 1 whole day in Gigantes. So after the island hopping and when the opportunity to go caving arose, we took it in a heart beat. Kuya Jingle invited us to spelunk in Lusot-Lusot Cave, a cave just within the vicinity of  the Hideaway Tourist Inn. Jump off is just walking distance from the inn.

trekking up

Soon enough, we found ourselves hiking to the cave entrance. It was an easy trek going up.

cave portal

We did not change our clothes anymore. It'll just get dirty anyway. I just reused one of my shirts.

spelunking starts here

The cave is just small or should I say narrow. Way cramped than the others I've been to. But never underestimate it, it was very challenging!

butt-technique? ;)

Yes, it was arduous. Why? Because you have to do everything by yourself. I mean, no ropes, no nothing! You have to do things just using your bare hands and other useful body parts.

whoah! i did it!

Some parts are so steep! And I never realized that not until I made it to the top. Whew!

Kuya Jingle making his way up

Being physically fit is not enough to surmount this challenge. You have to be quick-witted too. There's a lot of smart thinking involved here on how you're going to pass each obstacles.


You know, like where to place your feet, where to hold, guesstimating your leaps and steps. You have to do everything right or else, you might fall off and who knows what may happen next.

still O.K.! :)

Once you went deep into the cave, there is no turning back. Imagine going back, down those dangerous heights. I think ascending is easier and less risky than descending.


It was tiring and exciting at the same time. Doing anything that involves a little bit of danger is always thrilling. I love that feeling. :)

i made it! woot! :)

After 2 hours of climbing, crawling and whatnot - we made it to the other end of the cave. Yes!

came out of the abyss

Our guides said we were just the second group who finished this harsh activity. That was as of August of 2011. Maybe a lot more groups now had undergone and survived this.

trekking back

Our cave guide for the day was Kuya Atay (the one in orange shirt). We paid PHP 200 for this cave spelunking activity.

view from the hill top

Imagine hiking going up and down this high. The cave exit was located on a higher part of the hill so going down was actually more taxing. Plus, the trail is more difficult. More steep, with more limestone rocks with sharper edges. You have to be very careful with your steps.

watch your steps!

That was our final adventure in Gigantes. Doing this type of activity makes me feel alive more than ever. The adrenaline rush, facing your fears, doing things you think you cannot do - all of it made me ecstatic.

It was harder than that of Sagada, where there are plenty of guides watching over you, lifting you up and catching you whenever there's a part you can't get through. Here, you are almost all by yourself. Your courage and smarts will be tested. The bad-ass in Sagada Cave Connection though is that, it will take you 4 hours. Here, the time was half shorter.

If we had more time, I would have wanted to visit all the other caves in Gigantes. There's so much you can do here. If you're looking for a place where you can beach bum and explore caves at the same time, then you must consider visiting this place. I assure you, you will have a wonderful time. :)

This is Part 6 of my Iloilo travel series.

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