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Monday, February 18, 2013

Sand Bar Island and Islas de Gigantes, Iloilo Travel Guide

4D3N Concepcion-Carles Sample Itinerary

This is based on our own trip itinerary (IT). From Manila (MNL), we flew to Iloilo City (ILO).

Part I: Concepcion  (Sand Bar Island)

Day 1

720am – Check in @ the airport

820am – ETD Manila

935am – ETA Iloilo

           – Ride a van/shuttle from the airport to Jaro

1000am – ETD Jaro

1230am – ETA Concepcion

             – Buy Food and Supplies/Lunch

100pm – Boat ride to Sandbar Island Beach Resort

130pm – Island Hopping Tour*

530pm – Back to resort

*Island hopping is optional on the 1st day. If you're spending another day in the island, it's best to do it on your second day. :)

Details on this entry:

Day 2

530am – Sunrise

600am – Explore Sandbar Island

           – Breakfast

800am – ETD Sandbar

830am – ETA Concepcion

900am – Mini-Bus ride to Sara

930am – ETD Sara

1130am – ETA Estancia

             – Lunch

100pm – Board Gigantes ferry

200pm – ETD Estancia

400pm – ETA Brgy. Asluman, Gigantes Norte

**Make sure to board the ferry bound to Gigantes Norte where the Tourist Inn is located.

More details here:

Day 3

630am – Breakfast

700am – Island Hopping Tour

  • Tangke Salt Water Lagoon, Gigantes Sur 
  • Cabugao Gamay Island, Gigantes Sur 
  • Antonia Beach, Gigantes Sur 
  • Uaydahon Island 
  • Bantigue Sandbar (Best during sunset) 

5:00 PM – End of tour

If you have more than a day to spend in Gigantes, here are other places of interest:

  • Balbagon Island
  • Balay ni Mayor
  • Langub Beach and Cave, Gigantes Norte
  • Spanish-colonial lighthouse (parola), Gigantes Norte
  • Pawikan Cave, Gigantes Sur 
  • Puting Baybay (Lumpatan Rock)

Island hopping and caving adventure details here:

Day 4

630am – Board ferry back to Estancia

700am – ETD Gigantes

900am – ETD Estancia

100pm – ETA Iloilo City

Late Lunch

130pm – Explore Iloilo City 

            – Pasalubong shopping

500pm – Travel back to the Airport 

530pm – Check In

725pm – ETD Iloilo City

830pm – ETA Manila

***If you no longer have anything to see or go to in Iloilo City, the nearest airport to Carles is Roxas City airport in Capiz. It is only 2 hours from Carles, unlike Iloilo which takes 4 hours. The van/shuttle terminal is just the same. If you plan to go this way, make sure to plan your departure plans well though. Airphil flies at 7:40 AM and CebuPac at 11:45 AM only.

Accommodation Information:

Sand Bar Island Resort

Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn

Summary of Expenses:

Airport and Transportation:

  150.00 - Taxi to NAIA T2
  200.00 - T2 terminal fee
    50.00 - Van from ILO Airport to Jaro
      8.00 - Jeep to Tagbak Bus Terminal 
  110.00 - Bus to Concepcion
  500.00 - Boat to/from Sand Bar Island (divided by 2pax)
    30.00 - Bus to Sara
  100.00 - Bus to Estancia
    10.00 - Tric to the port
  160.00 - Ferry to and from Gigantes
    50.00 - Habal-habal in Gigantes Sur (2-way)
    50.00 - Boat Gigantes Sur to Norte
    10.00 - Tric to Terminal
  150.00 - Van to Iloilo City
    24.00 - Jeep to and from Lapaz
    16.00 - Jeep rides in Iloilo city
  150.00 - Taxi to ILO Airport (divided by 2pax)
  200.00 - ILO Terminal Fee
  150.00 - Taxi from T3 to Home
2118.00 - Total Airport and Transpo Fees


  400.00 - 1N in Concepcion (divided by 2pax)
  400.00 - 2N in Carles (200 per night per pax)
  800.00 - Total Accommodation Fees

Tour Fees:

 600.00 - Gigantes Island Hopping Tour (divided by 2 pax)
 200.00 - Cave Spelunking Guide Fee
 100.00 - Tip
 900.00 - Total Tour Costs


 600.00 - Total Food Expenses

the original La Paz Batchoy! namit gid!

Total Computation:

2118.00 - Airport and Transpo
  800.00 - Accommodation
  900.00 - Tour
  600.00 - Food
4418.00 - Total Trip Expenses

****If you still have excess money after the trip, don't forget to drop by Biscocho Haus for yummy Ilonggo pasalubong treats!

I also brought home that delicious big burger from Perri Todds. :)


Note: Some rates probably went up already since this trip was back in August of 2011. Feel free to update me if you've been there recently. Thanks! :)

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