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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Where to Stay in Islas de Gigantes: Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn

Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn is located in Gigantes Norte. It is the only place accommodating tourists in the whole of Gigantes Island. It is owned by Joel Decano who happens to be a Tourism Officer for Carles, Iloilo. Just make sure to tell the boatmen in Estancia that you're heading to Gigantes Norte so you get to board the correct ferry. Be there at the port before 2:00 PM because that is when the only passenger boat departs. The Decanos are prominent so just tell the locals where you're going and they'll point you to the right direction.

They have different types of rooms you can choose from. We chose what seems to be a double room with en suite bathroom. Don't expect too much. The floor was not made of concrete. We didn't mind as long as we have a room to sleep in. Who knows, it might be now. Please let me know if it already is, so I can update this blog. :)

our temporary home :)

You may also opt to stay in one of their huts or chalets (check the photo below). It'll give you a more primordial and island feel. I would love to stay in this kind of hut, only if I'm not a human mosquito trap. I don't know why but mosquitoes seem to really like me. Too bad, I didn't have my Off Lotion that time.

this is so cool! :)

You don't pay here per room per night. Their rate is fixed at PHP 200.00 per person per night, regardless of which room you choose.


Majority of the structures and furniture were made of wood and bamboo. Very  eco-friendly and I loved it.

our dining area

The entire place is so chill. You'll see trees, flowers and a bird. Yes, when we were there they have a pet bird stationed near the gate which Ate Anggay (the family cook) takes care of.

very relaxing

When we went here in 2011, Kuya Joel said they don't get as many tourists as any other places in Panay Island do. I'm sure they're getting more and more at the present. His hard work should be paying-off by now.

balete tree house

On a lazy afternoon, you can just spend your time reading a book in a hammock in this tree house or by just simply sleeping.

daily feast :)

One thing I liked the most is their food! Seafood galore! You just have to pay for what they bought for you in the market and give Ate Anggay (their cook) what you think is due for her. Of course we gave her a generous tip because we loved her cooking (and her as a person). I seriously think I'm going to get fatter if I stay there for a long time. I super loved the food!

welcome to Gigantes!

You also may arrange your island hopping tour with Kuya Joel. So, what are you waiting for? Islas de Gigantes may be far as it seems, but it is worth the effort! I swear, you'll never forget about its unique islands and its delicious seafood. Gigantes' beauty has been waiting long enough to be seen and explored. The island hopping story is up next. :)

Accommodation Information:

Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn
Address: Sitio Hayahay, Gigantes Norte, Carles, Iloilo
Contact Person: Mr. Joel Decano, Owner and Carles Tourism Officer
Contact No: 09184685006
Room Rates: PHP 200 per person per night
Island Hopping Tour: starts at PHP 1200, depending on the number of pax

*There is no network signal at the Inn and it's spotty in the entire island. You may get in touch with Joel probably when he is in Estancia or Carles, so just keep on trying. :)

This is Part 4 of my Iloilo travel series.


  1. Would you recommend this to a solo traveler?

    1. Hello Bong! Yes and No. Yes, because the place is beautiful, it is worth it. No, because it'll be very expensive to go island hopping on your own. But if budget is not an issue or if you can find other travelers to go with, that will be awesome. =)

  2. Wow... I will surely go and visit the place

    1. You can never go wrong with Islas de Gigantes. ;)

  3. there are also other places to stay in gigantes norte which are by the beach side. we enjoyed our stay in Arjan Resort. We had our meals cooked and were able to swim on the beach after the island hopping. the staff are very polite and accomodating. We easily walked in even without a reservation.

    1. Hi Anna! It's nice to know that there are now other places to stay in Gigantes. Our trip was way back 2011 when not so many tourists knew about these islands and there was just one place that accommodates travelers. I'm happy that Carles tourism has improved a lot. Thank you for sharing! Good to know you had fun too! :)

    2. HI Anna,

      how much for Arjan Resort?tnx

  4. Hi thank u for this article abt gg is,, helpful for us cz we plan to go der nxtyr summer,, salamat:-)

    1. Hello Ping! Salamat din sa pagbasa nitong blog ko. I hope you'll enjoy Islas de Gigantes like we did! Namiss ko tuloy bigla ang masarap na seafood doon! :)

  5. we've been ripped off on food service fees! Very disappointing.

    1. Yaiiks! So much has changed in 3 years, I guess... :(

  6. the resort still existing? can't find resort website.
    is everything okay in that island after the typhoon? would love to visit that place...
    please post any updates. thanks

    1. Yup, it is! The resort is still open and accepting guests. :)

  7. HI,

    I like your blog. very precise and informative. do you think the price and the place scenery is still the same as last time you went there?
    thanks for reply.

    1. Hi Azi. The scenery I would say might have changed a bit since it was 4 years ago since I went. The price I think has definitely changed.

  8. Hi? Is there any other contacts because I contact Mr. Joel Decamo he does'nt answered. Im planning to arrange our vacation this January 2017. I hope you can help me. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi! Sir. Jeth,

      When exactly do you plan to go in Gigantes Island. I've already booked my flight going to Roxas City but I'm still thinking which island between Gigantes and in Concepcion to head first since I have 6 days to explore the 2 islands. I am a solo traveler and looking for some group that I can join with.

      Thanks and God bless

  9. Hi! Ms. Lizzie,

    Bali nka booked na po yung flight ko going to Roxas City this coming Feb.
    1-6 (4:30pm arrival at Roxas Intl. airport) and Gigantes Island was already
    part of my itinerary. Bali hinge lang po sana ako ng
    suggestions/recommendation niyo po if saan pa po maganda mag side trip para
    ma-maximize ko po yung 6days VL ko po. I’ve heard na maganda rin daw po mag
    punta sa Conception, Iloilo City (Balubadiangan Island). Bali ano din po
    kaya maganda unahin, mag Concepcion po muna ba ako since di ko na po
    maabutan yung alis ng bangka pa Gigantes Island or mag Giagantes po ako.
    *Thank you and God bless*

    1. Hello Melvin. Sorry baka obsolete na yung mga info ko for Gigantes kase antagal na since we went there.

      But to answer your question, malayo pa ang Concepcion from Carles or Estancia (Gigantes jump off). More than 3 hours pa yung byahe. And since Roxas City ka mangagaling, mas mauuna ang Gigantes. Madadaanan mo or mauuna ang Concepcion kung galing ka ng Iloilo City.

      Once a day lang din ang mga bangka going to Gigantes. From Carles 10AM, from Estancia 2PM. I hope it somehow gave you an idea kung san ka dapat mauna. Safe travels!

    2. No worries Ms. Lizzie. Kahit paano nagkaroon po ako ng idea kung alin po ang uunahin sa 2. Maraming salamat and God bless

    3. You're welcome and thanks for dropping by! :)