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Friday, March 29, 2013

Living La Vida Local in KL

Malaysia Day 10 (continued)

My friend and I were supposed to meet each other at the ongoing Book Fest in KLCC. I came in a little bit late and there were too many people coming in and out that we never found each other. I just let her do her thing and shop for a bit while I had my dinner.

I just headed to the Food Court and chose what appeals to me the most. I saw this one stall selling yummy looking chicken barbecues with a very nice lady behind the counter. I was right! One of the best I ever tasted! I ate slowly to relish the deliciousness of it. It was so yummy! I hardly notice I was dining alone. :)

chicken BBQ rice

So after that, I met my friend in one of the shops. We were supposed to have a tea at the Purple Cane's but they're about to close. We ended up having dessert in Tong Pak Fu.

my chocolate snowgrass! :)

Tong Pak Fu is a Hong Kong dessert shop serving snowies and other Chinese desserts. They also have special teas. I got myself a Chocolate Snowy with Honeydew and Black Pearl Sago. I loved it! I also had Lavender Tea after. It tastes weird but Moon says it's good for migraine, so why not? :)

My friend went home earlier than me. She said she was still tired from the trip. I stayed a bit longer to once again see the beautiful Petronas Towers at night and the fountain show.

can't get enough of  it

lovely the second time around

It was a good night. Before I went to sleep, I posted a message in CS KL. I was asking if anyone is free the following day to spend it with me. It'll be my final day in KL.

Malaysia Day 11

I checked my inbox the next day. Several people responded to my invite. Some even sent me SMS. I have shopping plans in the morning so afternoon til night would be great for meet-ups.

Since I missed that Book Fest the previous night (and it wasn't good for a bookworm!), I went to KLCC that morning to do my shopping. I borrowed Moon's Book Fest Brochure and found some items interesting. I bought 4 books and cute souvenir items. I tried using my credit card. Not that I no longer have cash. I just wanted to know if it works abroad because many fellow European travelers had problems using their cards in Malaysia. I was happy my credit card worked outside the Philippines. :)

gloomy day

It was overcast that day. After shopping in KLCC, I went to Pasar Seni or the Central Market. It is a one-stop shopping center for Malaysian products. As in name it, they have it there. It is the perfect place to shop for souvenirs. It started to rain when I was making my way from the train station to the Central Market. I was unable to take photos of it outside, ugh.

I had my lunch first before checking out the shops. At the Pasar Seni Food Court, I saw this Indonesian shop selling fresh looking deep fried fish. That was hearty.

ikan penyet

I was half way through my shopping when Vicky sent me a text message. Vicky was one of those Malaysian Couchsurfers (CSer) who responded to my message. She was inviting me for a hike. I told her I wasn't prepared as I was wearing slippers and currently shopping. She was so nice to offer me lending her spare shoes! She told me she'll bring it with her. Then there was another CSer who happened to be staying in a hostel near Pasar Seni that wants to come with her. She told me, we should just go together to meet her.

Hugo, a Canadian guy, was the other CSer. We just met at the train station and went together to Kepong Sentral to meet Vicky. He was nice but I don't get his humor. He also messes up my vocabulary haha. Hugo, if ever you come across this page, peace out!  ;) After 40 minutes, we made it to Vicky's place. Heavy rain kept pouring so we canceled our hiking plan. Vicky just invited us for a dinner.

my second Chinese-Malay family :)

On photo was Vicky's Dad, Mom, Hugo, Vicky and Moi. She brought us to Hometown Steamboat Restaurant in their area. Hugo and I were actually surprised we're having dinner with her entire family. With us were her parents and siblings, together with their spouses. It was a big family dinner. I did not take photos as I was ashamed of spoiling the great family bonding. We were in a big round table. We had noodles, congee and some more Chinese dishes. For the nth time, they mistaken me for a Chinese. I don't know but they always do in Malaysia. I'm not quite sure if I really look like Chinese because I have big eyes haha. Auntie asked if I can speak Chinese hehe.

Again, it was very nice being treated like a family. We felt honored that they won't start eating not until we (Hugo) get the first serving. They're even giving us the best parts of the dishes. We had chocolate fondue for dessert which we happily shared with the whole family. It was so fun. Vicky didn't let us pay anything. She said it was her treat. They were so sweet. :) She drove us around KL downtown after dinner and we had tea in Bukit Bintang to end our night. We did some more talking and story sharing. They even walked me home to my hostel. I was so lucky to have met these people. I don't think I would if I did not travel alone.

Just recently, I was saddened by the news that Uncle (Vicky's Dad) passed away just a few months ago. Even though I just met him once, I felt a little affected because I have been treated very nicely by their family. Rest in peace, Uncle. Vicky and I remain friends until now. We continue to keep in touch and hopefully, I'll see her again soon. She is one of the sweetest person I've ever met.

"The more I traveled the more I realized that fear makes strangers of people who should be friends." ~Shirley MacLaine

This is Part 7 of my Peninsular Malaysia travel series.

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