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Monday, March 18, 2013

Perhentian Besar: Exploring the South and Snorkeling in Turtle Beach

Malaysia Day 8

We failed to wake up early again. We were left by the snorkeling trips which sucked. That means we missed the chance for good because we were leaving the next day already. Oh well, we had to seize the day no matter what.

We went to our usual breakfast place by the beach where I had my stir-fried noodles and coffee.

Malaysian -style stir fried noodle

A family of monkeys were moving from one place to another through the resort's restaurant roof. They entertained us that morning. There were so many of them. It goes to show that their habitat in the island is well-preserved.


It was another clear sunny day. First, we planned to explore the other side of the island where the "family" resorts are.

another day in paradise

Uncle was so nice, he brought us to the other side of the island instead of us hiking all the way there. We checked out the southwest part of the beach which has the Tuna Bay Resort and New Cocohut Chalet. Other guesthouses there seemed to be rotting and abandoned. I actually wonder why because they had a good location.

swinging out in Tuna Bay Resort

The beach here was not as nice as the one that we have in the PIR or the northern beach area. The sand was not white and not very fine. But they say snorkeling is better here. We didn't try it though. Got nothing much to do there so we hiked back going to our resort.

15-minute hike from south to north

Since we were not able to join the snorkeling tour, we just planned to do snorkeling on our own in one of the islands. My buddy chose to go to the Turtle Island hoping to see a sea turtle hehe.

Turtle Island

We shared a water taxi with a couple who happened to be going there too. We paid RM 10 each. We also arranged a pick up service after 3 hours.

having fun at the wreck

We took a lot of photos first before we actually went snorkeling haha.

beach buddies

We snorkeled first at the left rocky side of the beach and here are some of the photos I took.

Fishes and lots and lots of fishes. :)

Happy to be seeing that the corals are still intact too.

I enjoyed snorkeling there very much. I actually never noticed that I was already in a very deep part of the sea because of too much bewilderment. I am a non-swimmer, mind you haha.

snorkeling break

We've been underwater for an hour and a half straight. Unfortunately, we never see a single sea turtle. My friend was disappointed haha. But I was already happy with what I've seen.

a serene eden

We then walked to the right side of the beach and also snorkeled there for an hour. Unfortunately, my underwater camera ceased to work. No more underwater photos. :(

rock, thanks for taking our photo haha!

That pretty much conclude our third day in Perhentian Island. I know, I know. We've been too relaxed and laid back that we missed that snorkeling trip. We can be called the laziest travelers on earth haha. Either way, we still had tons of fun.

Even though we had just explored the waters of one island, I think I still understand why many divers and underwater enthusiasts are raving about Perhentian. It has a very lively and diverse marine life. I've never seen that many fishes swimming in front of my face in my entire life. Not even in my native country which is surrounded by seas. I've never swam on a beach with several manta rays underneath just lounging around. All of these, I just experienced in the islands of Perhentian.

I badly wanted to go back so I can experience that famous snorkeling trip. I wanted go back to spend more time on each island, to get lost in its beauty. Soon, Perhentian. Soon. :)

This is Part 5-2 of my Peninsular Malaysia series.


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