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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Perhentian Kecil: Dinner in Long Beach and Our Last Day

Malaysia Day 8 (continued)

We immediately took a shower and prepared to go to the small island, Perhentian Kecil. We were catching up with our French buddy in Long Beach for dinner.

on our way

We paid RM 15 each. Yeah, water cabs are kinda expensive here. We reached Long Beach in like 20 minutes. Kecil is much more crowded. There were lots people and there were lines of restaurants and bars at the beach. You'll immediately feel the party vibe here. It's the opposite of Besar, which is very quiet.

@ Long Beach

We looked for a restaurant to have dinner. We found the Bubu Long Beach Restaurant at the farthest right end of the beach. It is also the most posh looking and had the nicest ambience. But because we just walked in, all the good seats were taken and reserved. But we didn't mind sitting at the innermost part of the restaurant. The interiors are also swell.

As usual the French guy  was late again. Moon and I ordered our food even before he came because we were starving.

pad thai

Moon got herself a pad thai. I think that the most vegan dish on the menu hehe.

beef curry

I had my beef curry. I missed eating beef, that was it haha. Clement got himself some prawn dish when he arrived.

my crazy French bud :)

We thought Clement wanted to party and get drunk that night. Good thing, he didn't because he has an early morning dive the next day. So we just talked and shared lots of stories over dinner and strolled at the beach afterwards. We went back to the hotel in Besar at around 11:00 PM.

Malaysia Day 9

We were leaving Perhentian at 11:00 AM that day, so I had my early morning beach walk.

coral view beach

I woke up at around 6:00 AM that morning to do my final stroll. The island was still asleep.

The sea was very calm and still undisturbed.

PIR in the morning

How can I forget this beautiful paradise? I wished I could stay longer.

goodbye, Perhentian! :(

After a couple of hours of leisurely walk, I went back to our room to fetch Moon for our breakfast. We also paid our final visit to Uncle and thanked him for everything. But his kindness and generosity wasn't done yet. He said, he'll also go to town and will accompany us to Kota Bharu. He was so nice, as in.

Moon and our Hari Raya food :)

Before we left the island, there was a Muslim family celebrating the end of Ramadan or the Hari Raya by the beach. We were invited by them and of course we accepted their kindness. We were asked to try several of their dishes. Sweet. :)

Our Perhentian escape had been more relaxing and rejuvenating than tiring. Travelers can also be inactive, you know haha. Our journey continued in Kota Bharu and Tumpat. That's up next in this series.

This is Part 5-3 of my Peninsular Malaysia travel series.

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