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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Where to Stay in Bagan, Myanmar: Pyinsa Rupa Guest House

This wasn't my preferred hostel. I ended up here because I don't have advanced booking and everywhere else we checked was full. This was the only one that guaranteed me a room. I actually had second thoughts on giving this hostel a review or a recommendation entry but I guess it would be helpful for fellow travelers if I do. The second room they gave me was decent anyway.

to the reception area

Oh, that was quite an intro. There's a story behind that rant. It was all because for USD 25.00, I was given a shitty room. I mean really. It was not even worth USD 10! Imagine entering a room at the end of a creepy hallway and the room windows  are almost falling off. To my disgust, when I checked the bathroom, there are black molds forming on the wall tiles. It isn't just a tiny part, it was like 8-10 inch thick. Eeeek. That image is still in my head, ugh. What's worse is - the electric socket was broken. Not only you can't plug anything in there, there's also a risk of you getting electrocuted. It was that bad. There is no way, I'm paying twenty five effing dollars for that. So I stormed back to the reception and demanded them to transfer me to a better room. I didn't care if there were other guests hearing my complaint. I was getting really pissed when the receptionist told me, I can just charge my gadgets at the reception. Good grief. That was not the point. If I hadn't raised my voice he might have not given me a better solution.

When I won't back down, he told me the only room left is in the new building. He showed me the room, yes it was new but the catch there was it's USD 5 more. I told him I don't care. I just wouldn't stay in that rubbish room. So, I transferred to the new wing. I can finally rest.

my "new" room

It was at the ground floor of the newly constructed building. There's still an ongoing construction on the second floor. The room is small and it has two beds, so it has a very limited space. But I'm glad that everything in there is new. The A/C, the beddings, everything. I was relieved.

the toilet

Glorious new bathroom, a far cry from that mold infested one at the old building. I didn't mind shelling out extra dollars for this.

the shower

The water pressure was fine. Hot and cold shower works well.

not much space, eh?

The only other thing you'll see in the room aside from the beds is the vanity drawer at the corner. There's no TV here (not that you'll need it) or anything.

in front of the guesthouse

Maybe one thing that's nice about this guesthouse is their location. They are at the main road of Bagan. In front of it is a store where you can buy anything you may need and rent bicycles and the 7 Eleven Cyber Cafe if you want to check something online. The guesthouse is also in line with various restaurants, so finding a place to eat is very easy.

I have a mixed review for this hostel. The first room they'd given me was horrible but I was satisfied by the second room at the new building. They also need to improve on their customer service. The receptionist suggested me that he could call the bus to pick me up from the hostel, but asked me to pay 200 kyats for that. Geez. Who does that? If he offered me such kind gesture without anything in return, I would have given him a tip (of larger amount) for a job well done. The hostel owner is not very guest-friendly too.

I did not write this as recommendation. This is more of an FYI post. Just in case if like me, you ended up in this hostel with no other choice, at least you know what you'll get into. Who knows, your experience might be better than mine. If you still have the time and the energy after a long trip from Yangon, please try looking for someplace else. If you still end up here, just do yourself a favor and request for a room located at their new building.

Accommodation Information:

Pyinsa Rupa Guesthouse
Address: Main Road, Nyaung Oo, Bagan, Myanmar
Contact No: 061-60607
Room Rates: USD 20- 25 per night
They also have a dorm but I did not ask anymore because they were full. 

Accommodation Rating: ♥♥

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