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Monday, May 20, 2013

Where to Eat in Bagan: The Moon Vegetarian Restaurant

It's impossible for you not to get famished after visiting a whole lot of temples in Bagan. Before heading back to the guesthouse, Mihn drove me around so I can choose where I want to eat. The first place he told me to try was serving buffet. But I'm all alone and it's not fun eating a lot when you have no one to share the experience with. I checked around 3-4 restaurants in the area (and their menu) before I found the "one".

I chose to eat at The Moon Vegetarian Restaurant. Nope, I'm not a vegetarian. I just found the food on their menu appealing to my taste. And the place itself looked perfect for me.

a very pleasant ambience

Al fresco dining, I loved it. The trees, the birds nests hanging on them, the flowers, the jars, the parasols. Totally exquisite. I was immediately greeted with a smile by one of the waiters.

i love the "Be Kind to Animals" tagline :)

Just as what I observed in the restaurants in Bagan, they will serve you with a bowl of roasted peanuts first. Eating them was nice while waiting for your main dish. I can't say that this is in all of Myanmar because I didn't experience it in Yangon.

my most unforgettable juice :)

They don't just have the usual beverages you'll find in a regular restaurant. The waiter noticed I was having a hard time selecting my drink, so he suggested that I try their Ginger and Lime Juice. I'm that person who always likes to try new things so I said "okay". Even though at the back of my mind, I was a bit writhing about the idea of drinking a ginger juice. But he said, it's very good for digestion (not that I have indigestion). But yeah, I made up my mind.

The first time I took a sip, I cursed. I really did. The taste was inexplicable. It was sweet, sour and spicy hot. It kind of burns in your throat! And it has of course the unmistakable taste of ginger. I thought I would just had that reaction on my first sip, but no. Every time I drink, I curse (in my mind). Whoah! That was one hell of a juice. ;)

my healthy fried noodles

I was craving for noodles that day. Not the usual noodle soup though, because the weather was so hot. I got the stir-fried one. It was freshly prepared and it didn't take too long for them to serve. It came with vinegar with green peppers and some chili for additional oomph. It tastes good although a bit too salty for me. Maybe it was just my saltiness level preference. The serving was generous. I actually didn't finish it, that I had to take the left over.

birds nests!

The price for me was affordable. It was more expensive than those you can find at the Main Road in Nyaung U, but considering the location and the very relaxing atmosphere, it was reasonable.

coconut monkey :)

They also sell cute handicraft souvenirs like that hanging monkey up there. I know it's so cute but very expensive at USD 40.

This restaurant is located just north of Ananda Phaya. So, if you're looking for a place where you can grab a bite, a healthy one at that - try The Moon. :)

Restaurant Information:

The Moon Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: North of Ananda Temple, Old Bagan, Myanmar
Phone No: 061-60481
Website: None
Email: None

Restaurant Rating: ♥♥♥♥


  1. The ginger and lime juice got me excited! I'm so obsessed with ginger. The noodles look yum.

    1. Good on you! I'm not a fan of ginger kase haha. Btw, I got kilig whenever you visit my blog. I follow your RTW adventures. =)

  2. i've never tried ginger juice before. i bet it clears up your nose real quick :P

    1. Yeah, it did haha! Expletives kept coming on every sip (at least in my thoughts) =)

  3. It does look like a monkey, to be honest..

    1. Hi Randy. I know right. Even those nests looked like little monkeys hanging on the tree branches from afar. :)