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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I Learned After a Year of Blogging

This day last year, I’ve posted my first ever travel blog entry. I actually created the blog and wrote the foreword, 22nd of June 2012 but it was the 24th when it really started as a travel blog.

My first post was about my travel in Siquijor. That trip was very meaningful to me because it was my first ever solo trip. Yes, I’ve done Puerto Prinsesa and flew to Thailand alone, but my Beau would later catch up and join me for the rest of the trip. Well, in Siquijor, it was only me - all the way. People I met thought it was so epic of me to brave Siquijor alone that I should write about it. Must be the aswangs and mangkukulams notion. But yes, I’ve been gullible and was brainwashed. ;)

the trip that started it all :)

I ain’t new in traveling. I’ve been hitting the road for 4 years prior to blogging. I never even thought in the past that I’ll be doing this eventually. All I wanted to do was plan a trip, jump on a plane (or bus) and enjoy every minute of it. I just bring a notebook with me that serves as my travel journal and that was it.

Now after one year, did I learn anything? Let’s see…

Being Shameless. Is that a good thing? Haha! During my first few months of blogging, I am only sharing it to close friends and family. I don’t know but I was really very shy. Later on, I felt more comfortable sharing it to more and more people.

Enhanced Grammar and Vocabulary Skills. Of course, frequent writing polishes these skills. I thought I’ve been rusty since I left that editing job 9 years ago. But then I also read a lot, so maybe not too much.

Being More Sociable. As I progressed into the blogging world, I met a lot of people with same the interests. I started to belong to awesome groups and get to share experiences with them. Yes, travel bloggers are very sociable beings. ;)

Buying My Own Domain. Oh my G, for a non-techie person like me – it was an achievement! I was very happy when I learned how to get my own site. Shallow me.

Other Meaning of Things. If you know what I mean. Before, the only “traffic” I know was road traffic. I also learned that organic can be used as an adjective to traffic. I won’t know about these things if I did not expose myself to the blogging world. Well honestly, I’m still confused about a lot of things until now.

I can’t think of anything more right now, but I know for sure that I’ve learned a lot. I’m still so naïve about SEOs, inbound links, page ranks, changing my site’s layout and other blogging stuff. Sometimes I want to kill myself for not knowing about these things (just exaggerating). I know it’ll be easier for me had I known about them. But blogging isn’t really one of my top priorities (for now). Talk about year old backlogs.

So, if we can also make a wish on our blog’s birthday, mine will be - I wish to become a better blogger someday. ;)

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