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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Where to Stay in Pico de Loro - Hamilo Coast

Hamilo Coast is a very private leisure destination. I say "very" because, this is located at the end of the string of private beach clubs in Nasugbu, Batangas. Also, you'll only be able to stay here if (a) you own a unit, (b) you knew someone who has one and you're authorized to use it or (c) if you'll book a room in Pico Sands Hotel. We do not own a property here and staying at the hotel is not best option for us as a family (of six). Option B was definitely the way to go.

I found out about unit owners renting their place and I luckily stumbled into a blog with a previous renter's contact info. Unfortunately, her units were all booked but her friend still had a unit left. It was peak season and we were able to book with only a week left before our chosen dates. We were still lucky.

residential condos around the lake

For non-members, you still have to go through the country club for registration before you can check-in. You will be given the key to your unit at the condo reception.

at the condo lobby

We rented a 1-Bedroom with Balcony Unit good for 6 pax. The rate is  PHP 6,500 per night. There's a King Bed, a sofa with pull-out bed, futons and lots of pillows. Yeah, there's a plenty of room for everyone. We slept soundly. My only complaint was, they should have provided us with extra blankets.

king bed

The unit is very minimalist. Well, if you are on vacation you wouldn't spend most of your time staying inside, right?

the living room

There are the basic amenities. A/C, fan and flat-screen TV with cable.

cable tv

One of our main prerequisite when we go out of town as a family, is a fully furnished kitchen. Mom was happy to see there's everything we need. We always want to cook our own food. It's not just that resort food are overly expensive, sometimes you do not get the value of what you paid for (read: so-so).

fully-equipped kitchen

I'm also glad that the T&B is very clean. It's a major turn off for me if it's dirty or moldy.

don't mind me in the photo haha! ;)

It's also very spacious which I liked. You know, the one can go take a shower while other person can still brush their teeth sort of thing.


Then, there's the balcony where you can see the verdant surroundings which is very relaxing. You can also convert this into a dining area like we did for our breakfast. At night, it became the location of our drinking session. :)

get some fresh air from the balcony

Our unit is located at the second floor of Jacana Building. It is very near and just a short walk to the country club.

the condo building

We enjoyed our stay here. If you are a group (barkada) or a family, you better just rent a condo unit. Aside from the fact that it's more practical, it's also more fun staying altogether in one room. We had no problems during our entire stay. It is a great place for family bonding and recreation.

Have fun in Pico de Loro! :)

Here are the details of our contact person:

Mary Jean Ner
Condo Unit Owner
Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club
Phone Nos.: 0935-7979636; 0922-8855552
Rates: PHP 4,500-4,800 for Studio Units; PHP 5,500-6,500 for 1 Bedroom with Balcony

She is very prompt to answer all your queries and will give you all the information you'll need to know. Transaction with her is worry-free too. She'll confirm your reservation and will provide you with the necessary papers for check-in as soon as she can.

Accommodation Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Disclaimer: Please read the other readers' comments below. I've been getting comments lately about other people having difficulties dealing with Ms. Ner recently. I will not rewrite anything in my post as it was based on how we transacted with her before (May 2013) which turned out to be positive. Be informed of the recent negative feedbacks about her before contacting her for booking. To everyone who shared their bad experiences, thank you! It will serve as a warning to other potential guests. Thanks also to those who came back to this site to share their alternate booking suggestions. You are all welcome to share anything you think that may help. ~Liz 06/02/14; 02/26/15

My post about Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club up next.


  1. hello dear! dropping by your blog. okay naman sa pico no? =)

    1. wow, chyng reyes reading my post - awesome haha! yeah, my family enjoyed it naman. i liked the fact na it's too far kaya secluded sya and very relaxing ang atmosphere. =)

  2. hi ms lizzie... i stumbled on ur blog and tried contacting ms jean ner for 3x already. I would ask if the dates we plan to go are still available, magrereply naman xa. Pero once I ask her for the payment details and how does the booking with her goes, she doesn't answer back na. Poor accomodation response from ms jean ner! :(

    1. Aww... :( I didn't have that problem before. If you were able to get another contact or renter from this resort, please share it here so we can give other travelers another option in case this happens again. Thank you for your feedback.

  3. had the same issue.. we already paid for our trip on fri-sat this weekend pero d pa nya nasesend yung mga docs :(

    1. Ayayay... Did you try calling her? I hope you'll get the documents in time. :(

      Thank you for sharing your experience. This will help future travelers who's planning to stay with her to reconsider their decision and try to look for other renters. I still hope it ends well with you guys.

  4. To serve as warning to others and para wala ng ibang maperwisyo ang taong yan Jean ner is a terrible terrible crook. This person just ruinedy family's vacation plans. Made reservations with her april for our june trip. At first she was replying fairly promptly. Then all of a sudden nada!! In our last conversation she said 2 studio rooms are available. So i said "ok 2 studio rooms" then asked how i can settle the arrangement/ payment then she didnt reply. She only replied AFTER 1 MONTH and only to say that there are suddenly no rooms available. Then she offered 1br and when i tried to confirm again no response!!!! Do not deal with her!

    1. Hi. Thank you for your very honest feedback about Ms Ner. Since this is the 3rd negative comment posted about her here in my blog, I have added a disclaimer at the end of the post to serve as a caution to others. I appreciate your time for writing the comment. Please feel free to come back here and share, should you find a new, trusted renter in Pico de Loro.

    2. Hi guys, my family also went to pico de loro last 2012 and we don't encounter any problems with Ms. Ner, but i'm trying to contact her today because me & my gf are planning to go here next week and still no reply. May i ask anyone who knows other contact na nagpaparent ng condo sa pico? thanks - Renz

    3. Hi Renz. The other alternative I discovered was Airbnb. Just go to and search for Pico de Loro. I saw other condo units for rent there. I can't vouch for it though, so please read the previous guests' reviews carefully before booking one. Hope this helps! :)

  5. Hi, had the same issue already paid for our trip this weekend. I call her to follow up for the gate pass she didn't answer my call

    1. Hope it will get sorted out before your trip. Best of luck!

  6. Hi All,
    I just chanced upon this site recently and great blog. Wanted to share that I have gone to Pico and also rented a condo unit via Airbnb. Our group had a great stay and the owner was very responsive. You may want to check the listing:

    There are also a few other Pico listings there in case of non-availability. Hope this helps in time for the summer season.

    1. I'm glad you had a great time in Pico de Loro! I also appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with Airbnb booking. It works, right? ;) Your input will be very helpful for other readers who are looking for an alternate place to stay in Pico. Thanks a lot and God Bless! :)

  7. Hello!ΓΌ
    Jacana B 201 (Mountain view unit)
    2 bedroom
    Condo rate is:
    (Peak) Php11,000.00 / night
    (Lean) Php 10,000.00 / night
    *good for 8 person
    *walking distance to the Country Club
    * fully furnished
    * fully air conditioned
    * hot and cold water
    * cignal cable with 47" flat HD TV
    * complete kitchen & dining wares

    For inquiries:
    Call / text : 0922-8652946