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Monday, July 8, 2013

Where to Eat in Davao City: Grub Resto

Beau bought two coupons for this local resto in Davao City called Grub. He purposely bought them so we can have our usual food trip. We are certified foodies and we love trying out places and restaurants that can’t be found in Manila every time we’re on a trip. That is one of our deals when we travel.

Grub is located at Duterte St. in Davao City center. That street is lined-up with a lot of restaurants and bars. You can just walk from one to the other. Must be their food district. Correct me if I'm wrong.

This is just a small quaint restaurant. I love its very homey feel.  The interior and the decorations were so nice and lovely. It sets the ambience so well. Felt like Mom's gonna come out soon with my favorite dish, teehee. :)

feels like home :)

So it was time for us to order. We were surprised that with the amount we had, we can order so much food! We overestimated it. Maybe we’re used to the quantity of food that we normally have in Manila.

First, we had appetizers. The Nachos was just plain-looking but their chili con carne gave that oohmp.

Then we had the Sisig Triangles. It was actually the first time I had one. I never seen anything like it in Manila. Beau loved it to bits. Imagine that yummy sisig, crunching with the crispy wrap dipped in white vinegar with crushed garlic. Best eaten while it’s hot! I’m salivating while writing this, seriously haha.

Then, it was time for our main dish. Beau had the Dino Chops. They serve rice meals with Red Rice. Hooray for healthy grains! The chop was huge! I don’t know why they call it “Dino”. Probably because it’s too big, it resembles that of a dinosaur. Or, it matches the appetite of a dinosaur if you finish it. Those were just my theories haha.

Mine was their Spring Chicken. Crispy fried but deliciously juicy. Geez, the red rice was heavy. It made me feel so full soon enough.

To max out our consumable coupon amounts (just PHP 500 for worth PHP 1000 of food and beverage), we ordered two more meals. Beau had their Cheeseburger which was also so good. I think it has a one third pound beef patty.

I on the other hand, ordered their Roast Beef Sandwich! It has caramelized onions and sliced fresh tomatoes, plus fries! Gawd, it was so delish! But FYI – I didn’t finish it anymore haha. I just took it home.

We had a feast! I think we had food good for four people already. We committed a “deadly” sin that night which was “gluttony”. No, you can’t say “no” to them. They’re all just so yummy. 

attack! :)

We had a great dining experience that night. The food was awesome. The price was reasonable. The ambience was perfect. The staff was also commendable. They were very pleasant and they treat each customer with care. The restaurant also has free wifi but once you get busy with the food, you won't bother going online anymore.

Will we return to this restaurant? Yes, definitely!  Why don’t you try them too? To taste is to believe. :)

Restaurant Information:

Grub Resto
Address: Duterte St., Davao City, Mindanao 8000 Philippines
Phone No: +63 82 301-8069
Website: None
Email: None

Restaurant Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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