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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Kid Again in Hong Kong Disneyland

Day 1 continued

We were with a kid, so of course the first thing we did in Hong Kong was go to the Happiest Place on Earth. Good thing our hotel is just walking distance to the MTR station. From the West Rail Line, we switched to Tung Chung and then to Sunny Bay for the Disneyland Resort Line. HK’s train system is quite easy to figure out. We never had a hard time going to places.

wee! the Disney train! :)

We made it to Disneyland by 11:30 AM. It's summer in HK on August, so it was so so hot!

we're here! :)

 The Disneyland ticket costs HKD 350. A lot of picture taking happened afterwards. :)

We've caught the last part of the first Disney character parade we witnessed. It was so fun!

Mr. Incredible


I felt like a child again. I found myself picking up the golden Mickey confetti just like the kids!

The Little Mermaid, Ariel

There’s nothing much for the adults to do but enjoy the sights and sounds. The rides are basically for children. No extreme rides here hehe.

Strolling under the sun made us hungry. Guess what was my first HK lunch? A Disney “happy meal”!

good enough to satisfy my hunger

Of course, never leave Disneyland without a souvenir! They were expensive but who cares. We don’t go here everyday hehe.

buy me!

too cute to resist

While walking around, we finally got a chance to have photos with Minnie Mouse! Too bad, Mickey wasn’t there. But we were already happy to have Minnie around!

Minnie: "smile, girls!"

And it was time again for the joyful character parade! Wee!

Belle and the other Disney Princesses

Donald Duck


Mickey Mouse

Woody and Jessie

We left the park at around 5:00 PM. Our original plan was to wait for the fireworks display at the Disney Castle. But the poor kid was already tired.

see you again, Disneyland! :)

We were at the hotel by 6:00 PM. We rest for a bit before we went out for dinner. At 8:30, only Starbucks was the only open cafe in the area. We got no choice but just to eat something there.

yes, this was supper!

We can’t go any further because we just literally dragged the sleepy child to come with us and of course, we can’t leave him alone in the hotel room.

exhausted much

It was kind of funny that we never had a Chinese meal on our first day in HK. We promised ourselves to do differently the next day. Since we were tired from walking all day, we just enjoyed our slumber on our best hotel bed ever.

This is Part 2 of my Hong Kong travel series.

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