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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hong Kong Heritage Site and Shops

Day 4

It was our final day in HK. It was quite uneventful. It was when we received text messages from family and friends to take care because of the unfortunate incident that happened in Manila. It was that morning when we opened our hotel room door, that we saw the awful images on the newspaper headline. It was the HK tourist bus hostage drama that ended up in blood bath. We turned on the TV and it was the same thing being shown in CNN and BBC. What a morning.

We originally had plans of riding the Star Ferry and going to the Victoria Peak that day but we suddenly did not feel like doing it anymore. Our travel spirit went very low. Seeing the hotel’s flags in half mast and the newspapers everywhere with those images really affected us. We just decided to do whatever we want for that day. My friend and her son just visited the nearby Hong Kong Space and Science Museum. I on the other hand just did my own walking tour and some shopping.

It was raining a bit but I still continued with my walk until I found this heritage building. Only a few people come by so I decided to go there and see what it is.

After a while, I thought of just going to the Ladies Market. I took the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui to Mongkok. It was like our Divisoria, with only shops especially for the Ladies. They were all lined up in the streets. They will approach you straight forward and ask you how much you would like to pay. I found the goods a little expensive. I only saw a few shops that really sell them cheap. I also encountered a lot of Filipina vendors here. It didn’t help though because the store owners still have the last say on the prices.

I did not shop that much from there. Before coming back to the hotel, I went to this bakeshop that sells super yummy breads and sandwiches. I bought something to eat for the transport later to the airport. I also shopped at the supermarket across the hotel for some goods for "pasalubong".

We met at the hotel at around 4:00 PM and waited for the free shuttle bus going to Kowloon station. From there, we took the Airport Express MTR going to HKIA. It was always cool to arrive early in a huge modern airport. It was the first nicest airport I’ve been to. Our flight was 7:30 that evening. We departed on time. Sad that our vacation was over but also happy from the memories we made in HK.

And if you’re asking me if I will go back to Hong Kong, the answer will be a big YES. There are so much more to see and so much food to eat! I swear, I'll be back someday. :)

This is Part 5 of my Hong Kong travel series.

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