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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Inside the Ubud Monkey Forest

12/21/2013 11:43:00 PM 2 Comments

Indonesia Day 6 (continued)

Here are the temples you can find inside the Sacred Monkey Forest:

Pura Dalem Agung

This temple is also known as the Main Temple or the Great Temple of Death.

You will be asked to wear a sarong (if you are wearing a short skirt or pants) before you enter the temple. There is also a donation box where you can give whatever amount you can.

The temple is adorned by statues of what the Balinese called "guardian spirits".

Please note that you cannot enter the main temple if you have wounds or if you are bleeding (and that includes a woman with her period).

Holy Spring Temple

If you entered Gate 2 from the Monkey Forest Road, you will see the sign going to this temple somewhere at the right side, down a long flight of stairs.

Going down here was scenic.

This is the holy pool for the disciples of the deities.

I noticed that there were coins in it. So I also threw one and made a wish too.

That was the path way going to the innermost part of the temple. I did not go all the way there anymore. It gets narrower and narrower and farther too. Since I was alone, I decided to just stay safe where a lot of people can see me. I was extra careful because there'd been reported monkey attacks in the past.

Cremation Temple and Cemetery

On the left side a few stairs up, you will find this another temple. However, tourists are not allowed to go in and take a look inside. The sign outside says you will need an invitation to get access to this temple.

Aside from the macaques, these are the other things to see in Monkey Forest. It is one of the most interesting places I visited in Ubud. It has everything I was looking for in one destination. Nature, animals, temples and of course a glimpse of the Balinese culture. Don't miss this if you are visiting Ubud. :)

This is Part 2-2 of my Bali travel series.