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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lessons Learned from 2013

2013 was a year of hellos and goodbyes for me, an exciting year indeed. There were highs and lows like any other. A lot of changes happened that pushed me out of my comfort zone. But overall, it has been a great one!

We always learn something out of every experiences. Here’s what I recalled from the not so far yesterday:


○ It was January last year when I became a part of the awesome group called Pinoy Travel Bloggers.
 Lesson: Nothing cooler than belonging to a bunch with the same passion as yours. Thank you PTB! :)

photo credits to Edgar Co
○ It was March when Serendipity came knocking at my door. In Bagan (Myanmar), it was like I was in a movie. Fate waved her hand at me and said hi.
Lesson:  It happens in real life so don't be oblivious.

synchronicity part 2, Shwezigon Paya

○ I acquired my own domain last April. Hello!
Lesson:  It doesn't matter if you're techie or not. It's easy to buy one. ;)

○ May had been eventful for me. Got to meet fellow PTBs for the first time. A friend from Spain also came and visited. Those were wonderful nights.

But the highlight of that month for me was seeing Jason Mraz in flesh and hearing him sing live! I couldn’t stop gushing about him! ;)
Lesson: Money can sometimes buy happiness haha! I spent my half-month salary just to get a patron seat on his concert!

i'm in love with him! ;)

Hotel Training on June. We’ve been immersed on how hard it is to be working IN the hotel.
Lesson: We learned to appreciate our job at the corporate office even more.

with JP on our Holiday Inn stint

Graveyard shift, we met again. After 5 long years! It was September when I became an owl by night and a panda by day.
Lesson: You can reset your body clock. And hundreds of creative ways to stay awake at night haha! ;)

with my GY peeps :)
Also at that month, new hellos were said by old friends. It was nice to know that no matter how bad things seemed to be, it can still end up well as long as you have an open heart. Yes to reconciliation!
Lesson: Time heals all wounds.

○ I gained new friends when I embarked on another solo travel to Indonesia on the same month. I was welcomed with so much warmth that at the end of the journey, I never wanted to leave. Like seriously.
Lesson: Trust is letting go of needing to know all the details before you open your heart.

with my best bud in Jogja
○ It was last October when I first underwent cross-training with another department at the office. It was eye-opening in some ways.
Lesson: Trying something totally new is refreshing.

○ Last November I said hello to Thailand again after 3 years. I promised to find reasons to love her this time because I never liked it one single bit the last time. This time, I did. And now I’m thinking about coming back for the third time.
Lesson: Just like people, places deserves a second chance.

you got me this time, Thailand! :)

○ 2013 also lead me to the path of Zen. It has changed me and a lot of my perspectives. Now I feel happier and lighter.
Lesson: Being spiritual is different from being religious.


Ephemeral. That’s the exact word. There are moments you want to linger and yet you have to go. It’s always a struggle for a traveler not to get too attached to anything that comes across them on the road. I always hated those awkward moments when it’s time to say goodbye.
Lesson: When you let go, you are truly free.

someone's always going to leave... and more often it is me...

○ Feb 2013 when we bid adieu to our annual celebration. It was a yearly tradition for Beau and I to celebrate our anniversary on the road. It was the first time in our 5 years that we were apart on our special day.
Lesson: All of our unhappiness comes from our inability to be alone.

El Nido, Feb 2012

○ When one door closes, another opens. And vice versa. Yes, sometimes it’s the other way around. I regained friends but I somehow lost one.
Lesson: Friends come and go. Even your closest ones. It's a fact of life.

○ We also said goodbye to our home of 10 years. We moved in to a new house. It was difficult at the beginning and it took time before we get used to our new nest and new address.
Lesson: If you never have to move out from the day you were born until now, you're lucky.

you'll be missed, old house!

○ The report that mostly occupied our working days was abolished August 2013. It caused our team to worry about our stability. But here we are, still here looking forward to new beginnings.
Lesson: Be ready to whatever life throws at you. Growth is always accompanied by changes.

photo credits to my team mate :)

○ It was also the year where I put my two piece bikinis at the bottom of my drawer! Haha! Damn. Tankinis and rash guards became my new best friends! Yes, I gained weight! No questions allowed!
Lesson: Eat healthier and burn them effing calories! ;)

2013 was like a roller coaster ride. I boarded slightly afraid of what might happen but took the risk anyway. During the ride, I felt excited, terrified and happy all at the same time. But at the end of it, the only lasting feeling is that of joy.

For me, there is no good year or bad year. No lucky or unlucky year. It is entirely up to you. The future is full of uncertainty. It is how you think and react about things. Let’s fill 2014 with a lot of positivity and happiness. It should all start from within you. :)

"For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning." ~T.S. Eliot


  1. I am somehow intrigued on what was that synchronicity in Myanmar. =)

    Why no mention of the Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai? =)

    Anyway, I'm sure you will have another awesome year of travels this 2014!

    1. Claire, I hope I can tell the story one of these days. :)

      Yeah... I just did a general review of 2013. I thought of writing a travel year-ender for the Carnival but I didn't have the time.

      More meaningful travels for us this year! =)

  2. Hello there Liz Argulla. Hehehe, More travels this year for you okay?

    1. Hi Pau O! For sure! I hope love finds you soon. Nakikichismis sa FB haha! Thanks for dropping by! ;)

    2. Oo nga, I pray too ^_^. mwah! see you around!