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Monday, January 20, 2014

Magalawa Island: A Birthday Getaway

It was a spur of the moment plan. I just filed my remaining leaves for the year the day before and on my birthday, but I really didn't have a plan of going somewhere like the previous years. I don't like traveling during the holiday season. You know, I don't want to go along with everyone going somewhere to spend Christmas and New Year. It was only a couple of weeks before when I decided to give it a try.

Beau suggested a quick getaway to this island but I declined right off because it doesn't appeal to me. I really miss the North so asked him if we can just go to Batad. He was starting to arrange everything when I heard that the weather up there was not good so we ended up just going here.

sailing to the island

We were at a birthday party the night before the trip and slept late so we missed the 4:30 AM bus going to Sta. Cruz, Zambales. We caught the next bus which is the 6:00 AM one. Palauig is 5 hours from Manila, so we arrived there lunch time already. Having lunch and buying all the food and supplies we'll need in the island took us 2 hours. We arrived at the island at around 3:00 PM already.

dark clouds and fierce wind

The weather was not really good then. The resort owner even told us before they pick us up that the waves are bigger than usual and asked if we're not afraid to sail on a rough sea. We were so used to traveling during monsoon season it doesn't bother us anymore. It is also just a very short ride, like 10 minutes. Who will be scared of that?

yay! it didn't flew off! ;)

We wanted to camp out instead of staying in a cottage. We set up our tent under the trees just a few meters from the sea. The wind was so strong that I needed to put heavy rocks over the pegs and I had to do it several times! Very persistent wind.

hammock, always my fave hang out

I admit, I wasn't really thrilled upon seeing the island. It is just like a regular island, nothing spectacular. And the sea weeds at the shore turned me off instantly. But I liked it for its remoteness and placidity. That was what I wanted at the moment.

our double "bed" accommodation ;)

It's been a while since I slept on a tent, almost a year ago I think. I missed the outdoors. Also glad that I was with someone who cooks and does it good. I am one of the most undomesticated woman I know.

awesome camping food :)

The resort's electricity was only until 9:00 PM, so I blew my little birthday cake on the dark hehe.

my birthday cake!

The next day, we woke up early to enjoy the beach because we weren't able to do that the day before. Fortunately, the weather has improved. It was a sunshiney day!

clear sunny day yeah

The sun was still moody that day though. There were still times when he hides beneath the clouds. I wasn't that happy with swimming because there are a lot of sea weeds everywhere.

lonesome starfish

We just alternate swimming and beach bumming all day. Of course my favorite activity was just lying at the sand reading a book or just doing nothing. Just meditating, daydreaming and breathing.

The following day, we walked to the other end of the island. It is a small island and is quite easy to navigate. We passed by the villagers houses and when we came to the end of the road, we asked a local if there's a way out to the sea. He pointed us to a pathway behind a house and this was what we saw.

just gorgeous

I'm so glad we explored the rest of the island. This view is more picturesque than that of the resort side.

i love the drama

bluer than blue

The west side is rocky and full of corals but still looks stunning.

thanks for taking our photo, boat! ;)

lovely trees

We stayed here for a while. We enjoyed the scenery, took a nap under the tree, walked by the beach and just relished the moment.

could go on forever

Going back to the resort, we did not take the village path. We just circumnavigated the seashore and had a glimpse of the fishermen and their family's daily life. They seemed so happy living their simple lives in the island.

After lunch, we decided to go back to Manila already. We asked Kuya Mulo (the resort owner), that we're cutting the stay short. We were transported back to the town at around 3:30 PM.

goodbye Magalawa

It was a nice short getaway. It was the first birthday I've ever spent away from my family. I had the time to fully appreciate my existence by being in an isolated island, far from the comforts of home and the noise of the familiar city. I loved every minute of it. I know I will always love traveling. I always see myself from a different perspective. I get to know a part of me that I haven't seen yet. Happy Birthday to me! :)

For accommodation and expenses breakdown, click here!

"The year you were born marks only your entry into the world. Other years where you prove your worth, they are the ones worth celebrating. 
" ~Jarod Kintz, This Book Title is Invisible

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