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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dreaming the Day Away in Batanes

Batanes Day 1


Days came too fast that suddenly, it was our time to fly to Batanes. To tell you honestly, I wasn't prepared. I  just packed my bags a few hours before the flight which was so un-me. Maybe I was too busy with work that even the travel itinerary that I usually prepare, was done by Beau. The counter for Basco was already closed when we get to the airport! That was only when the excitement started to kick in.

Boarding was on time and everyone happily fastened their seat belts excited for our destination. But after 15 minutes on the air, the plane made a u-turn. Yes, it turned back to the direction of the airport! A few minutes more, the flight attendant announced that we were landing back due to mechanical problems. We waited for about an hour (or more) before we were boarded to another plane.

Vuhus Island and Dequey Island

We safely arrived in Basco at around 10, instead of 7:45 AM. We were greeted by a wonderful weather and this cute little stone airport. We were surprised that our cellular network was unavailable when we switched-on our phones, wondering how will our host can fetch us from there.

Basco Airport

We just took a tric to our lodge. We were then warmly welcomed by our host family. For my review of their place, please go to this page.

route planning

Okay, so what did we do on our first day in Batanes? Staycation! Haha! Well, we woke up too early that morning (3:00 AM) to make it on our 6:00 AM flight. Also, blame it to my night shift body clock. I normally sleep during daytime because I work at night. So as soon as the cold wind blows from the window, I was swept away to dreamland.

yay! Ivatan feast :)

We woke up in the afternoon and planned to go to Naidi Hills but also did not push through. It just turned out to be a total siesta day. Come evening, we joined fellow travel bloggers and friends for a dinner in Pension Ivatan Restaurant. You may read about our delicious experience here.

anyare? ;)

It has been a night of good food with good company. I was able to meet my old friends and new friends as well.

us with Nath and Ferdz ;)

Nath and I have been running around with the same travel crowd since 2011 but it was only now that we've met personally. As for Ferdz, he is one of our favorite travel blogger/photographer. And him inviting me/us  for this event is just super! It was great to finally meet them! Though I don't have a photo of everyone, it was nice meeting the rest of them that night! :)

I know, I know. Our first day was blah and uneventful. When they asked, "so where did you go today?" We were like, "umm... in the lodge?" Haha. But it was not the first time I did that. In Bagan, I missed the epic sunset because I overslept. In Bali, I also spent my first day just staying inside my very zen home stay, enjoying the peacefulness and ultimately sleeping. I am a very laid back traveler. And that's what works for me.

Sorry Batanes, I was really too sleepy but it didn't mean that I wasn't excited. You'll see, Day 2 is a different story. :)

This is Part 3 of my Batanes travel series.

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