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Monday, February 17, 2014

Where to Stay in Basco, Batanes: Crisan Lodge

Updated September 15, 2014 

That PAL Express seat sale brought a lot of tourists to Batanes since December of last year. When it was our turn to visit this February, the home stays we knew were already fully booked. Ate Fe, owner of another lodge  referred us to Kuya Mon who happened to just opened a home stay. Yes, they help each other in Batanes.

It was our first time in Batanes, so we didn't know where his place is. Smart had no signal on the day we arrived. We had no way of contacting him. The map doesn't show his place either because it is new. We just took a tric going to his place trusting that the drivers knew him. We had no idea that Basco is that small of a municipality so everyone knew each other.

We paid Php 30.00 for the tricycle. Crisan Lodge is actually not too far from the airport. You can even just walk. But the map we got from the airport has no street names which makes it difficult for us to just go on foot. And Beau didn't get the address from Kuya Mon which made me go berserk. That's what happens when you allow a guy to plan your travels.

staying up there

The lodge is located on the second floor, on top of their mini-grocery store and residence. It was named after his wife, Ate Crisan.

living area

Our Room

Ate Crisan entertained us right away and showed us our room. It has a big bunk bed that could actually accommodate maximum of 4 people. The rate here is Php 300 per person per night.

our room

It has a big cabinet and shelves for your stuff. They also provide towels. By the way, I love their memory foam pillows and fluffy blanket. I said it was new right? We were the first guests to occupy this room.

double bunk bed

It was designed like your own house, with living and dining facilities. You can cook your own food downstairs since cooking amenities were not yet complete at the second floor. But you can also ask Ate Crisan to cook for you. They just charge a very minimal fee. And trust me, she cooks so well!

dining area

As soon as we got settled in our room, Ate Crisan served us her welcome soup. It is a seaweed soup. It was my first time to try such. The weed's texture is a little weird in the mouth but I consumed it to the last drop because it was tasty.

seaweed "lumot" soup

It was then followed by this yummy turon. For non-Filipinos, turon is fried banana coated in melted brown (caramelized) sugar, wrapped in lumpia (spring roll) wrapper. I loved this version of turon. Ate Crisan put her own concoction of creamy chocolate inside. So delish! From that moment, I know it's going to be a great stay. ;)

chocolatey turon

According to Kuya Mon, this part below is not yet complete. He plans to put a fridge and other kitchen appliances here. For now, it serves as the kitchen sink where we wash our dishes. They have complete dining wares and kitchen utensils that you can use.

unfinished mini-kitchen

We didn't have an en suite bathroom. We shared it with the guest from the other room. It didn't cause any problems though because only 2 rooms share it.

shower room

They have hot shower, hurray! A must when visiting Batanes on winter months like we did. Water pressure is not too strong but it was fine.


I also liked that they always keep the place clean. That's one of the most important thing for me when it comes to accommodations.

The Other Rooms

They currently just have 4 rooms. The other 2 rooms were separated by another door . They have their own living room there.

the other sala

They also have a mini-kitchen there but they lack a dining table so guests staying in this side of the lodge still eat at the above dining area. They also have their own toilet and bath in this side.


The first room also has a double bed bunk like ours, so it can also accommodate max of 4 pax. It also has just about the same room size.

The rooms in this side also have small balconies. Rate here is Php 350 per person per night.


The second room is larger with 2 double bed bunks. It is good for families and barkadas as it can accommodate maximum of 8.

More spacious than the others, it has extra space for your vanity stuff and more shelves. Rate here is also Php 350 per person per night.

The balcony is a great place to catch some fresh Batanes air or to chill out with a bottle of beer. ;)

One thing we liked most about it, is its location. It's very central. It is near to the airport and the commercial establishments. Just walk a few meters and you can find canteens and markets. Just below the lodge is their store where you can buy anything you may need.

Beau and Kuya Mon

But our favorite part of staying here is how they took care of us. Kuya Mon helped us with a lot of things. From motorcycle rentals to arranging our tour and home stay in Sabtang to waking us up and telling the jeep going to Ivana to wait for us. He is a customer service superstar!

Ate Crisan, their son Camille and yours truly

Same thing goes to Ate Crisan, for always making sure we were comfortable and for feeding us with her delicious cooking. I can't remember anything she cooked that I didn't like. Their store staff were very nice too.

When in Batanes, I'm sure you'll always want to go out and marvel on its natural beauty most of the time. All you need is a comfortable bed and a host that will make you feel like you're family. That will surely make your vacation more memorable. I am recommending this place for your future stay in Batanes. And please send our regards to them when you do. :)

Liz and Evan

Other Notes:

  • Bike Rental: Php 20/hour (Php 25 for non-guest)
  • Motorbike Rental: Php 100/hour (Php 120 for non-guest); Php 700/day (Php 800 for non-guest)
  • Van (rates to follow)

Recent Update:
  • All rooms are now air conditioned. 
  • They also now have van rental and tours.

Accommodation Information:

Crisan Lodge

Address: Dita St., Brgy. Kayhuvokan, Basco, Batanes Philippines
Contact Person: Mon Imperial
Contact Nos: +63 999 990 7548; +63 915 849 0178
Rates per Night per Pax: Php 250 and Php 300 for rooms without balcony and Php 350 for rooms with balcony. Maximum number of pax per room depends on your preference.

Accommodation Rating: ♥♥♥♥

I hope they'll  have wifi soon. :)

This is Part 1 of my Batanes travel series.


  1. Hi, Liz! Let's go back to Batanes and visit Kuya Mon and Ate Crisan! I love how they treat their guests like family. Ibang klaseng pag-aalaga at pag-aasikaso. Let's spread the word and make Crisan Lodge the number 1 accommodation in Batanes! :)

    1. Hello, Ate Carl! We really want to go back! Hindi namin napuntahan ang Vuhus at Itbayat. Diba, they are the nicest hosts - ever! Sana makabalik kagad. I miss Batanes so much! :D

  2. hi, am planning to visit batanes soon, madali lang ba kumuha ng tour guide dun, and how much kaya?

    1. Hello! Hindi po kami kumuha ng tour guide (we just rented a motorbike and did it on our own) so wala po akong idea sa price ng tours. Pero madali lang naman po siguro kumuha basta sabihin nyo lang po sa host/tutuluyan nyo at matutulungan nila kayo. Yung tour po namin dun sa isang island si Kuya Mon (owner nitong homestay) and nag arrange para sa'min. Enjoy Batanes! =)

  3. Hi, anong airline po ang may trip to Basco,Batanes? how much would it cost for round trip kaya?

    1. Hello there! There are 2 airlines flying from Manila to Basco. PAL flies everyday and Skyjet three times a week. Their Budget Economy fares are usually around Php 3,000+ one way. Round trip tickets ranges from Php 6,000+ to 7,000. Watch our for their promos and travel expos if you want to get cheaper tickets! :D

  4. Hi! Thank you so much for your post. I'll be in Batanes this week and I chose Crisan Lodge my accommodation.
    Truly, Kuya Mon is very hospitable. We even talked over the phone just so I can straighten my itinerary and tour transfer concerns. I haven't been there yet ah but I will surely recommend Crisan Lodge :)

    1. Hi! You're welcome. I'm glad you also chose to stay with Kuya Mon. You won't regret it hehe. I hope you had a blast in Batanes! How I miss that place.

  5. We stayed here for 3 nights and 4 days.
    1st day: Mon is quite friendly. And the other lady always greet us with a smile. And then we finally met Ate Crisan, she's so friendly too. But during our 2nd day, they all seem to be rude lol! Especially the elder woman. When I asked "whats our breakfast tomorrow" she answered "Kainin/ubusin mo muna kinakain mo" (parang galit) ok lang, baka may pinag dadaanan si Ate. And speaking of room, ok ang aircon, malakas naman. But the blankets and towels including pillows looks like "trapo" . Restrooms-- smells bad, in our 4-day stay at Crisan, we never experienced a clean bathroom (or do we need to request?) By the way restroom is umcomfortably located outside our rooms.Whenever we're out, just like in any hotels or lodges a helper enters the room to change blankets, clean the room, but it never happened. They only turn off the aircon. Crisan Lodge charged each one of us 500/night for that uncomfortable stay. No choice kami, kahit off peak season fully booked lahat ng tinawagan namin, Crisan Lodge lang available kaya NO CHOICE kami. But lets look at the brighter side... Crisan Lodge is just a 5 minute-drive from/to the airport. Stores nearby, fresh fish and everything around the place. I am sorry.. But if want a total relaxation in Bat
    anes, better look for a better place to stay. Peace out..