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Sunday, July 13, 2014

My First AirBnb Experience: Finding the Perfect Family Room in Boracay

7/13/2014 12:51:00 AM 2 Comments

I am fairly a new member or should I say “user” of AirBnb. I only got familiar with it when someone from the Couchsurfing community recommended it when I was helping a friend to find a good accommodation in Hong Kong. Even after I heard about it I did not sign up just yet. But when my friend told me they actually ended up booking what I recommended in AirBnb and had a great stay, I’m convinced that it was worth a try.

I only signed up with them February of this year (2014). I was looking for a place where my family can stay in Boracay for our annual summer vacation. We were leaning into finding an apartment instead of booking in a hotel because we always, always want to stay altogether and my family loves to cook. You know, we can’t do both in a regular hotel. I was right about trying AirBnb because I found what I’ve been looking for. There are lots of Family Rooms being offered! Yey!

just a few steps away from our apartment

Using their website is pretty simple. What I also liked about their site is its functionality. You can easily filter your searches based on your desired room type and price range. If you are very keen on other amenities, you can even do some more filtering. Cool right? 

The Apartment

I found a number of apartments that fits the bill and after some discussion with my brother; we ended up choosing an apartment in Casa Camilla located in Station 3.

We got a family room which can accommodate 10 pax. We were just a family of 6, so there is plenty of space to move around.

We had a very big room with 2 double beds and a sofa bed.

Then there is another room with a queen bed. We all had comfy beds so everyone had a good sleep.

There is a fridge inside the room which is perfect for food storage. Also, the cable TV kept us updated with what’s happening in the Metro. They also provide more than enough towels for your entire stay.

Now we get to the part that we’re always looking for in a vacation place, the kitchen. They have a nice fully equipped kitchen. It has a gas stove, cooking wares, rice cooker, a microwave oven, bread toaster and an electric kettle. They also have a complete set of plates, glasses and cups and other utensils. You can cook almost anything you want with all the equipments you can find in the kitchen.

fully-equipped kitchen

There’s also a dining table in the balcony where the kitchen is.

There’s just 1 bathroom but it was okay because the setup is just like in your own house.

The bathroom division is a bit weird (diagonal) but it never became a problem. They also have hot shower which is good.

Room for Improvement:

Water Dispenser – This seems to be present in all the other resorts we’ve been to. It’s more convenient for large group and extended stayers in my opinion.

Towel/Clothing Racks – It is a beach! It should be a must to have an area where guests can hang their wet towels and swim wears.

Daily Garbage Collection – I wish they can improve on this, especially on their units that have kitchen. I don’t know if it’s only me who's uncomfortable with more than a day-old rubbish.

Other than these minor stuff, I have nothing more to suggest. It was a fantastic place to stay at. The apartment is what it appears to be in the AirBnb website. It met the requirements that we have for a family apartment. By the way, I left these suggestions after reviewing my stay with them. I hope they'll consider these things for improvement. :)

my lil sister in front of the apartelle office

The Host

Crystal, our host was awesome. She was very attentive to our needs and requests. She was also very responsive to our inquiries even before our stay. She is a very nice lady.

Family Room Rate: Php 3,350.00 per night

Back to AirBnb

Another nice thing about it is, you can leave your host or the property a review of your experience. It will be very helpful for future guests to know what it was like to stay in their property. Since I am a newbie, I actually relied heavily on what the previous guests said about our chosen apartment. It worked well! :)

I had a great first experience with AirBnb. I am actually looking forward to use it again for my accommodations on my future trips. Now it’s your turn to try using them on your next travels! :)

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