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Monday, February 23, 2015

How to Enjoy Singapore at Night

A little intro...

It was a dull overcast morning when we landed in Singapore. It is a 2.5-hour flight from Makassar, Indonesia where we came from. We took the airport shuttle for SGD 9 instead of taking trains. It is an efficient door to door service from Changi Airport to your hotel. Our hostel is located in a nook at the Little India area so it'll be much better to take the shuttle.

what a dark welcome, Singapore!

As soon as we arrived, we looked for Foreign Exchange to change money (of course) and to buy a sim card so we can contact Beau's connections who we are supposed to meet. We also looked for a place to eat because we hadn't had anything since we stepped-out of the plane.

Singapore Flyer

In the afternoon, we managed to contact Ariel. He is his sister's boyfriend's close friend. Did I confuse you? Haha. He met us in our hostel then took us with him for some sightseeing. Before we can manage to reach the MRT station, the rain started to pour. And it wasn't just a rain, rain. It was cats and dogs! After almost an hour he decided that we should just take a taxi because it didn't seem that it'll stop anytime soon. He brought us first to the Singapore Flyer.

When we got to the SG Flyer, it wasn't accepting guests at the moment. It had something to do with the thunderstorm. The staff explained that they are still waiting for an advise when it is already safe to operate the ride. So we waited until the skies are clear which came up to about an hour again.

capsule boarding area

Finally, around 6:30 PM we were allowed to board the Flyer. I noticed that there are public (for ordinary passengers) and private (you can hire them for yourselves) capsules. I even saw dining tables set in some of them.

Marina Bay

It was still drizzling but we can already see the sights clearly. As expected, Singapore is beautiful by night. The panoramic views of Marina Bay and the entire island city were stunning. The city lights were fantastic.

Everywhere you look reflects progressiveness. That folks is Singapore.

Singapore Cable Car

Our next stop was the Singapore Cable Car. This cable car links main land Singapore to the resort island of Sentosa.
oh rain, why won't you stop?
Aside from the Flyer, this is another way of seeing the picturesque city landscape of Singapore by night.

Resorts World Sentosa at night
We took the cable car from Singapore Cruise Center @ HarbourFront Center then the ride ended in Sentosa Island.

end of the ride

Those were fun experiences for a first day in Singapore.These rides will give you another perspective of this small powerful city state. And yes, it is gorgeous at night. :)

with our friend Ariel ;)
Because of the heavy rains earlier that day, we started and finished these activities too late already. Ariel also wanted to bring us to the Singapore River Cruise but there was no more time.

Thank you kindly, Ariel! These made our short stay in Singapore memorable. Thank you for letting us experience all these for free! You are an awesome host! :)

Enjoy Good Food with Good People

The following day, we met Beau's cousin Kuya Ral. He is working for USS and also currently living in SG. We spent the whole day in USS then met him for dinner afterwards.

with our lovely host for that night :)

He took us to Earle Swensen Restaurant in Vivo City. They are known for their awesome Salad Buffet Bar. Every order of their Main Dish gives you access to their salad buffet.

salad lovers' paradise

Start you meal with your self-made salad. The choices were impressive! There's a wide variety of ingredients, garnishing and salad dressings.

make your own salad, yum!

I know it is so tempting to chow down as much salad especially if it's made up of all of your favorite ingredients, but don't forget that you still have a main dish to finish hehe.

Savory Chicken Baked Rice
I had the classic baked rice. It has chicken and sausages served with savory rice baked to perfection with special creamy sauce and a layer of mouth-watering melted cheese. I'm salivating as I type this haha.

Treasures of the Sea
Beau had the ultimate dish for a seafood lover. Savory rice topped with a mix of ocean seafood like juicy prawns, some squid, mussels and smoked salmon. You can add a dash of lime for an added zest.

We really enjoyed the food and Kuya Ral's company. Thank you for spending a little of your time with us and for the yummy dinner treat, Kuya Ral! :)

it was another fun night! :)

These meet-ups were also two of the happiest times I had in SG. I forgot all the things I didn't like about it because of these people. They are not just ordinary people but they are people from "home". :)

"To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries." ~Aldous Huxley

This is Part 2 of my Singapore travel series.

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