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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Schengen Visa Application at the Czech Embassy Manila

As I write this post, I am still trying to absorb the fact that I already have my Schengen visa. It still seems unreal haha! ;) Not too long ago, I was so stressed trying to complete every single thing in the requirements list. I would even spend my rest days from work researching and trying to finish my itinerary. That's the most grueling part. Making a DIY Euro trip itinerary was difficult I almost gave up. I'm so glad I did not!

see you soon, Praha! photo by

Scheduling your Appointment:

Setting an appointment with the Czech Embassy is very easy. There are no costly phone calls unlike the other embassies.
  • You simply just have to go to their website or click here. Go to the link For lodging a visa application
  • You will receive an email to confirm your reservation. If you don't do this within an hour, your appointment will not be confirmed.
  • Print your confirmation email. This will grant you your entry at the Embassy. Now, you're good to go! ;)
Update as of October 1, 2015,  Schengen visa application times:
Tuesday and Wednesday

It's up to you whether you want to complete your requirements prior to setting your appointment or you want to do it after getting one. I've noticed that they always have immediate availability since they don't get as many applicants as the other European embassies. As for me, I only started taking the requirements seriously right after I set my appointment. I only had 12 days to prepare all of these.
  • Schengen Visa Application Form. You may download it from this link.  Instructions on how to fill-out the form correctly can also be accessed through that link. Also double-check additional instructions in Embassy's information board once you get there.
  • 1 piece Passport size (3.5 x 4.5 cm) picture in light background. It should be pasted/glued in the designated space in the Application Form.
  • Original Passport. It should be valid for at least 3 months after your intended date of departure from the Schengen area.
  • Accommodation Confirmation. I booked all of mine in All free cancellation and no pre-payment. No obligations even if you don't get a visa which is perfect.
  • Official Bank Certificate. The Official Bank Certificate must include a paragraph containing waiver of rights to release information to the Embassy of the Czech Republic - Visa Section or at least similar to that.
  •  You must also include any of the following documents to support your Bank Certificate:
    •  Bank Statements with transactions for the past 3 months
    • Copy of passbook showing transaction history
  • Roundtrip flight reservation/booking. You don't have to purchase your tickets yet. All you have to do is secure a booking at any airline of your choice.
  • Travel medical insurance. Follow this link for more details of the requirements by the Embassy. I got mine from Malayan for only for Php 2,310 for 45 days. They are the cheapest that I found. Keep in mind that your coverage should be the number of days of your stay plus 15 days.
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Leave Approval from your Employer or Direct Manager.
     Other Supporting Documents you may present:
  • Payslips for the past 3 months
  • Photocopy of ITR (Income Tax Return) or Form 2316*
  • Credit Card Statements for the past 6 months*
  • Photocopy of your previous passport visas and stamps
  • Photocopy of your Birth Certificate
They won't necessarily ask for all the other supporting documents I've mentioned. They asked me for my birth certificate which I don't have with me! So, I just offered to give them the first 3* on the list. After that, they were already satisfied. They no longer asked me for anything. They didn't even bother to ask me about my previous passport to check more of my travel history.

The Interview:
  • The guard collected our appointment confirmation email and we were asked to turn-off our phones before entering the embassy. 
  • He then told us to prepare our documents and the exact amount of the visa fee while waiting for our interview turn.
  • There is a small interview room so it'll just be you and the consul(s). Other applicants won't hear a thing.
  • When the consul(s) are already satisfied with your documents and with how your answered their questions, they will ask you for the visa fee which is PHP 3,030 during my time of application.
  • Then they will collect your biometrics (fingerprints).
  • After this, they will ask you to just wait for your receipt outside. Along with the receipt is some sort of a claim stub.

Passport Pickup:
  • Their processing of Short-term or Schengen visa usually takes 5 to 15 working days.
  • There will be no definite date as to when you will get the result. You will need to follow-up on the status of your own application via phone at least 5 working days from the date you applied.
  • Follow-up calls can be done at these times only:
    Monday through Thursday 2:00pm – 4:00pm
    Friday 9:00am – 12:00nn
  • Passports may be picked up at these times: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12:00 nn to 1:00 pm unless otherwise stated.
5 business days after my application, my passport is already good for pickup. That fast!

weee! I am so going to Europe!!! :)

Honestly, I wasn't very sure whether I'm going to get a visa or not. Especially when I remember how shocked the Consul was when I told her I'll be traveling alone in Europe haha. I also had some doubts because my new passport currently just have Thailand stamps, India VOA and Korean Visa. I forgot to show them my old passport which has 5 years of my travel history because they didn't ask for it.

But hey, all my doubts were unfounded because I was granted a visa! Woohoo! :)

Thank you very much, Czech Embassy! DÄ›kuji! :) 

Embassy Address:

Embassy of the Czech Republic
30/F, Rufino Pacific Tower
6784 Ayala Avenue
Makati City, Philippines 
Telephone: 811-1155, 811-1156

While preparing for this trip, I always remind myself the mantra: If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it. I dreamed about going to Europe for the longest time. Now, I am one step closer to that dream. ;)

All our dreams can come true, if  we have the courage to pursue them. ~Walt Disney


  1. Do you mind if i ask, how much was in your bank certificate? Thanks!

    1. Not really comfortable disclosing that. You can send me a PM if you want me to let you know how I came up with my budget computation.

  2. Hi, How to send you a PM? I have a question regarding budget computation :)

    Nice blog post by the way!

  3. Hi Lizzie,

    Questions about the following:

    Accommodation Confirmation. I booked all of mine in All free cancellation and no pre-payment. No obligations even if you don't get a visa which is perfect.

    - So I can book at the mentioned website even without paying it via credit card? I always use and it requires payment to confirm the booking.

    Roundtrip flight reservation/booking. You don't have to purchase your tickets yet. All you have to do is secure a booking at any airline of your choice.
    - Which airline did you use/present? So I just needed to bring a booking information?


    1. -Yes you can. Some hotels/hostels will require a credit card number to hold the reservation but they won't charge it right away. You just have to carefully read the booking conditions especially the cancellation policy.

      -You'll need a confirmed booking (with a confirmation or reference number) but not necessarily a paid one. I got one from Qatar Airways. Not sure if they still have that option until now though.

  4. I have a question since I just applied at the same embassy, did they take your picture there? Thank you :)

    1. Hello Ron. Nope, they did not. The photo that they're going to use in your visa is the one you pasted in the application form. Don't worry about it. ;)

  5. Hi Lizzie, just booked my appointment also at the czech embassy. I was wondering where you got your airline booking and if you have it made at any travel agency-how much was their charge?

    1. Hello there. I did not get any assistance from a travel agency. I did everything on my own. Back then, I used Qatar Airways. You may check if they still have that option to hold a booking without paying for it yet. Goodluck! :)

    2. hi ulet-thank you very much sa post mo got approved na rin. ask ko lang how you got from the airport to ur hostel/hotel kasi i read dami daw taxi doon na medyo dishonest

    3. Hey glad you get your visa! If you're arriving on daytime, I would suggest their public transportation. Their airport is well-connected to the city and it's cheap! If you're too tired na after the flight or if you're traveling with someone naman and you can split the cost, ask your hotel/hostel if they do offer a transfer service. If you can fill me in with more details, I can give you a more specific advice.

  6. hi, mag ask lang ako kung kapag 3 nag apply, lahat iinterviewhin at once o individual ung interview? kasi 3 kami (ako, my husband, and my sister) magaapply. kami ang magsponsor sa sister ko kasi magaassist sya sakin (medical reason). sabay sabay na ba kami iinterviewhin? thanks

    1. Hello Franz. Based on what I witnessed during my application, yung kasabay ko na 2 people na magkasama sa trip was interviewed individually. But they are friends, not sure kung same din po pag family na katulad nyo.

    2. Hi lizzie, ngayon ko lang nabasa yung reply mo. Thanks. Nagapply na din ako, inalis nung consul lahat na di kailangan. (yung hindi nakalagay sa website na sinama ko, inalis nya like credit card statement, travel history, itr, at2nd bank account ko) pero di ko pa narereceive ung passport ko. Separate kami ininterview kahit family member. Pwede patanong kung kailan ka nag apply? Kasi nakita ko july 10 na grant visa mo? Kailan ka nag apply? July 9 or earlier pa dyan? Thanks very much.

    3. Yup, 1st you have to submit yung nakalista lang sa requirements. They will only ask for additional documents kung kelangan pa nila. Eksaktong 5 business days ang processing nung sakin.

  7. Hi, do they accept walk in applicants for Business visa? Thanks.

    1. Hello. I applied for a Tourist visa so I don't have an idea about the Business one. Please just call the Embassy in the numbers provided above. Thank you.

  8. hello, i will have my appointment next week , i just want to ask if this is enough requirements because i will be staying on czech with my bf (sponsor) for 3 months

    i have

    flight reservation
    invitation letter
    letter of accommodation from sponsor
    pictures , conversation printed
    im employed now so i have COE
    and i also have enrollment form from school because im planning to study here in Philippines again after the trip , in summer

    do you think its enough ??

    do i need to provide them bank certificate of my bf??


    im planning to travel on december untl march

    1. Hi Sheen. I just applied for the Tourist category so I don't know about the requirements for visiting someone or for someone with a sponsor. Kindly check the Embassy website for your requirements because I'm sure it's different. Thanks.

  9. Hi lizzie, thanks sa reply. Pwede ako magtanong? Naaalala mo pa ba ung exact date ng pag apply mo sa czech? Gusto ko kasi malaman mga ilang days ung pagprocess nila ng visa from date ng application to date na nagrant yung visa. Thanks.

    1. Exactly 5 business days nung narelease yung visa ko.

  10. Wow thank you so much for sharing your visa experience. I'm also planning to apply but worried about how much should my bank statement show. I'll be availing of a teaching program for 1 month in Czech and from my research, Czech's cost of living is not that high. DO you think 200,00 PHP will be enough or too small? than you so much! More travels to you!!!

    1. Hi Kricie. Yup, you're right. You can get by in Czech Rep with just approximately 37 Euros a day. Do you mean 200,000 or 20,000? Not sure if you placed your comma correctly hehe. If it's 200k for a month, I think that would be enough. Goodluck! :)

  11. Hi lizzie, thanks sa blog mo. I got my visa na. to add something, kasi nag apply ako as medical sa prague, hiningian ako letter from the clinic na patient nila ako, which is meron akong dala. Marami inalis ung consul sa sinubmit ko like itr, creditcard statement, photocopy ng bank book,photocopy of previous travels. Masyado daw ako prepared. Pero ok lang, kesa hindi prepared. Saka nagsubmit ako ng budget sheet, yun ung kinuha nya. 6months multiple na issue sakin.

    1. You're welcome! Wow ang dami mo ngang supporting docs! Pero tama ka mabuti na yung sobrang prepared kesa kulang. Ganun din ako, hindi ko sila binigyan ng rason na ideny ang application ko hehehe. Congrats sa multiple entry visa mo! I'm happy for you :)

  12. Hi, what supporting documents should I bring if I am Unemployed? Would land tax declaraction will do under my name? I have sufficient money in my bank as well. I'm quite scared but really wanting to do this. ��

    1. Hello George. You did not mention if you are somehow Self-Employed. If you are, you can submit an Official Business Registration instead. If you own a real estate property, you can submit a copy of the Original Land Title or Deed of Sale. Some of my friends also submitted a copy of their stock certificates and car registration just to prove that they will come back here. Hope it helps.

  13. Hi! When you scheduled your appointment via Visapoint, were you automatically assigned a slot? Or were you able to choose your preferred slot from a list of available slots? Thank you! :)

    1. Hello! You will be able to choose your desired date and time slot but it will depend on what's left na lang. You're welcome! :)

  14. Hello, may mother is 60years old and may enough money to support the euro tour kasama sister ko. Wala work sister ko but need may kasama mother ko kase senoir na, what do you think kung ok ba yun? And ilang percent ang chance kaya?

    1. Hi! Just submit all the requirements na meron kayo. May interview naman so you can give your reasons to the Consul when they ask you about it. Sorry, I can't give a percentage guess as I am clueless of your mom and sister's profiles. Just give it a shot and include all documents na sa tingin nyo makakatulong sa approval ng visa. Goodluck!

  15. ask ko lang ano yung mga itinanong syo during the interview ?thanks po

  16. Hi Lizzie!

    Thanks for this very informative blog of yours. I've just got a question. I actually do not have any credit cards. All I have are a couple of debit cards with ample amount of funds naman. I was wondering if not having a credit card would hinder my approval for a visa? Thanks!

    1. Hello Arch! Credit card statement is just a supporting document, it's not really required so it won't directly affect your application especially if you have more than enough on your bank account. Sigurista lang talaga ako hehe. :)